Sunday, December 25

A Perfect Xmas Dinner @New Ubin Seafood

Ah Seng asked if we would like to have dinner together this evening. Since we did not have any plans, we said ok and we went to New Ubin Seafood for dinner. The humble restaurant is at Blk 27 in Sing Min Road Industrial Park A. It is hidden among rows and rows of single storey car workshops. One would never think that a food paradise is hidden there!

Sotong coated with salted egg yolk. 9.5/10. Superb but the sotong can be slightly more tender, in my opinion.

Special kye lan. The leaves were finely chopped and deep fried with ikan bilis. The children thought they were seaweed and gobbled them down with their rice. Must try!!! Very unique dish! 10/10.

Juicy fried Hokkien mee garnished with generous bak you poh. Wah.... 9/10. I am a bit overwhelmed by the crispy lard.

Prawn paste chicken wings. Very crispy skin. 8/10 compared to the other dishes. But if you ask me to give another rating, I would say this is definitely better than the ones served in Holland V XO fish head bee hoon (yes, that infamous rude boss with broccoli styled hair)

Kong bak bao. 10/10 if you are a KBB fan. Do not order if the sight of pork belly meat puts you off.

P/s: the gravy is superb. Goes so well with white rice!

Jaimie says 10/10.

"We tried to count the calories but iphone hanged when we try to input the amount of food consumed..."

Ah Seng brought a white wine. Lovely.

BBQ beef with onions and potato wedges. 11/10. Shiokadooooooooo. The beef cubes were tender and juicy. Best of all, they did not have the "beefy" smell or taste!

This fried rice comes with the BBQ beef. The juice that runs from the BBQ beef was saved and used to fry the rice. Juicy. Fragrant. Flavourful. I thought I was eating claypot rice.

Pork knuckle. So crispy. 2 choices of sauces to go along -- peanut and sweet chilly. I think peanut sauce is better!! 10/10!

When Clement went to New Ubin Seafood 2 weeks ago, he told me that was the BEST dinner ever. I thought he was exaggerating then but now I totally understood what he meant!

Must try!!!! Must try!!!

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