Thursday, December 22

HappyCall Pan- Muah Chee

My Christmas present from Clement this year is a HappyCall pan! I have been thinking about this toy for quite some time but was hesitant to make a purchase because I hardly do any proper cooking. And to be honest, my cooking sucks. So when I unwrapped the present and saw a HappyCall pan, I was thrilled!

The package comes with a handbook with a few recipes. Unfortunately, it was all written in Korean. Ajuma doesn't know Korean... so I shall have to figure out what makes the HappyPan happy and what makes it angry...

Delicious looking food with recipe. But sorry, I do not understand a single thing.
Since Clement bought this for me, I must try to make something for him too. My blogger friend Mamabliss is a superb cook and has posted quite a few recipes using HappyCall pan. I looked through them and decided to try making muah chee, which looks relatively easy.

I have nothing in my kitchen so I went to get all the ingredients I needed. Today is not exactly a good day to make something with grounded peanuts because today is 冬至. All the grounded peanuts in the supermarkets were grabbed up to make glutinuous rice balls for the festival! I walked to several places before I found my grounded peanuts! Yippeeee!
And so I did as Pauline demonstrated in her video. First, toast the sesame seeds.

Next, prepare the shallots.

Prepare the coating-- sugar, grounded peanut and sesame seeds.

Here comes the exciting part-- preparing the batter. 1 cup of glutinuous rice flour to 3/4 cup of water. Add the water gradually and mix well.

Brown the shallots.

Then, I scooped up 3/4 of the shallots (another recipe suggested doing so) and poured in the batter evenly into the HappyCall pan. Pauline's recipe says cover and cook for 30sec but another recipe says 3mins. So I opened up at 30sec, not sure, cover up, and cook for 3mins.

Roll the mixture into a dough.

Alright, I know this looks successful and good but in fact, I threw this away. That was because I didn't mix the flour well and when I poured the batter into the pan, I realised there was a lot of undissolved flour at the bottom of the measuring cup. I added more water to get them out and I knew it was not going to be successful. Indeed, it was too soft and sticky. Not nice.

It's ok!! I quickly did everything from step one again, this time extremely careful with the batter.

Mistake number 2: I overcooked the dough. I was washing up some of the utensils while waiting for it to be done and overshot the suggested cooking time. The side of the dough which was in contact with the pan became cripsy!!!! ALAMAK! I quickly rolled it up (actually, it was flapping it since it became crispy...) and removed it from the pan. The crispy side of the dough wouldn't stick much of the coating but generally, it was an OK attempt. At least, the texture was nice.


Definitely not an easy task for an idiot like me. But not a bad try too! *gives myself a pat on the back*

Not a bad bento idea, huh!!! We can prepare the coating the night before. In the morning, we only need about 5mins to prepare the dough. Nice and easy!!

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Mama Bliss said...

well done!!! and yes, you should cook it for 3 mins, I roll the dough at the 30th sec but left it in the pan for a few mins more till the dough is cooked :P I should add a note in my video about that... *pat on your shoulder* good job!