Sunday, December 18

First Xmas Party in 2011

It's Christmas season again! How could we not have a party? But this time, we only planned the food, we didn't plan the games. Dress theme? Green and red.
Viv is such an excellent host and cook! She homecooked all the food by herself! Even the salsa dip, the salad dressing and the garlic spread on the toast! That is why we love to go over to her place for parties... :)))

This baked mushroom is the best-est dish, in my opinion!

The kids enjoyed the food too. Then, they invaded into Ezra's room to play and poor Ezra was left out in the girls' game. It took some time for him to break into the girls' circle.
We started on the Pictionary game.

Loads of creative drawing, fun and laughter!

Make your guesses.

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