Tuesday, January 3

First Gathering (and Sleeping Over) @ 2012

What is a better way to start a new year than gathering with a group of best-est friends? We had a warm and fun get together to renew our friendship, foster closer bond and celebrate our lives together.

Ced and Elo are not with us but we keep exchanging messages in watsapp and sent pictures over. Technologies do draw people closer, especially when we are at different parts on this earth! Here's (part of) the wine for the night... cheers, my friends!!

As I was saying... technologies do draw people closer... look at the children...

1st bottle of wine opened for the evening.

Ah Seng brought 2 guitars and the guys started to sing all the oldies from our school days!

These were the only 2 audience for the Old Uncle Band. The children were watching Smurfs and/ or running around, the ladies were busy catching up with one another. Nevermind we just met during Xmas. We are never short of any conversation topics.


All of them stayed over at my place except Ray's family. The daddies watched bollywood movies, played Tabu (yes, it's TABU, the iphone app), played chor-dai-dee and eat eat eat till 8am.

The kids were quite tired by the time they went up to the house. None of them wanted to follow my plans and wanted to squeeze together on this inflated queen size bed. Fine. In the end, they found it so uncomfortable to squeeze together (although it was fun -- only when you do not need to seriously sleep) that they dispersed to different beds to sleep. I missed out 3/4 of the night because Jaimie developed a fever suddenly. She was all teary, clingy and whiny. I had to sponge her to keep her temperature down while the people outside played Tabu (arrghh! I so wanted to play this game!). The ladies rested at about 4am while the guys continued with their card games till 8am.

Everybody was trying very hard to stay awake in the morning to go for breakfast and go home after that. We all lamented that we were really old... just one night of not sleeping and we all turned into zombies. It was a very simple gathering but it's always the company that counts. Hanging out together in one house, eating, drinking, chatting and watching movies together till the wee hours was a weekly activity when we were in UK. It definitely feels like going back to those good old times!

Happy New Year, our dearest friends! May we make time for more of such gatherings in the year 2012...

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ah seng said...

Indeed a good start to 2012. I headed straight to my bed when I reached home..so much for thon-ning. I enjoyed myself thoroughly, thanks shu and Angie for their hospitality. We should do this more often, less the 守岁part.