Wednesday, November 2

School Graduation Performance 29th Oct 2011

We were all looking forward to 29th Oct 2011 because Jaimie would be performing at her school's annual graduation concert! Jaimie would be performing in 2 items plus a little solo time between 2 performances.

The concert venue was at ACJC. It looked like it was going to be a grand affair!

We were to send Jaimie to school by 1230pm for makeup and final preparation. Jaimie was so excited! She kept asking if it was time to go school yet as she was afraid that she would be late.

The teachers were very busy dolling up the little performers! This is Teacher Shirley, Jaimie's form teacher.

My little star!

My little star with her 2 friends, Shermaine and Seraphine. Seraphine had graduated from the same school last year.

The concert started at 3.15pm. I was almost in tears when I saw the little graduands going up on stage. Oh gosh, it would be Jaimie's turn next year! Will I cry buckets of tears???

The performances put up by the little children were highly entertaining! Each and every one of them was so charming on stage. The innocent faces, the happy dance steps which came from their heart... I really enjoyed myself very much!

Finally, it was Jaimie's turn to be on stage with her Waka Waka dance! We spotted her and quickly snapped pictures of her. Then, as the children moved around on the stage, both Clement and I lost sight of her as ALL THE GIRLS LOOKED ALIKE!

And we found her again during the ending....hahahaha!

This kung-fu performance impressed me most. Not only did the children danced in kung-fu moves, they wrote "Chinese Kung Fu" (中国功夫) with calligraphy pens on stage! As a Chinese teacher, I couldn't love this performance more.

Anyway, when we saw the lyrics of the song, Clement and I laughed until we teared. The lyrics were very meaningful, don't get me wrong. We laughed because we finally understood what Jaimie was trying to sing to us all these while. And we couldn't understand even one line when she was singing!

Jaimie and her classmates changed into another costume and performed the Beijing Opera Song 《唱脸谱》, another of my favourite performance of the concert! Cute dance steps, lyrics loaded with cultural knowledge and most importantly... Jaimie would be doing a solo 4-line after the dance! *BEAMING WITH PRIDE*

Jaimie's solo time!

Then, she recited a poetry 《咏鹅》with 3 other K2 students.

The concert ended at 5.30pm after the finale.

It must be a very emotional moment for the teachers and the graduands. This concert was a milestone and a testimonial of their growth. Congratulations, K2 students! One year later I would probably write a very emotional post about the graduating concert!

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