Thursday, November 3

30th Oct 2011 - 18km Newton Run at ECP

Completed in 2hr 9mins and 33sec according to official timing.

Thus run was surprisingly the most tiring run I have done so far. It was far more tiring than the 21km SAFRA run I did in Sept.

Pros of Newton Run:

(1) the goodie bag was really goodie! Early birds like us got a sports watch worth more than $100!

(2) the event T shirt is nice

(3) love the sponsered isotonic drink Pocari Sweat

(4) the cold, wet towel given out at the end of the event was very much welcomed

Cons of the Newton Run:

(1) ECP (route is too familar)

(2) PARKING issues

(3) started at 7am. It is too warm already. 6am would be ideal.

Conclusion: I would sign up for Newton Run again if it is not at ECP. The goodie bag is too good to say no to it. :D

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