Friday, July 29

In-House Bento-making Workshop

After I conducted the bento making workshop organised by Health Promotion Board (HPB), I received quite a few invitations from several organisations, asking if I could do something similar. I would love to say YES to all of them but it was unfortunate that due to time contraints or logistics problems, I had to turn them down.

Hence,when my colleague, SW, approached me and asked me if I could do a in-house bento making workshop with her Girl Guides, I said yes immediately! :)

After some discussion with SW, we decided to keep it simpler by just doing bread bento. I listed down the stuff needed and SW settled that with the girls. We used the school's cookery room for the workshop. Quite simple logistic!

We began with workshop with a 45mins "theory" lesson. After that, the girls couldn't wait to start the hands-on.

They were more creative than I thought! They had very simple tools to play with compared to the participants at the HPB workshop but their creations were just as exciting!

Some colleagues came to attend the workshop too!

The girls had a lot of fun for 2 hours! They were so proud of their own creation and they were excited about presenting their bento to their parents. Awwww... this is why I like to conduct workshops!

As my morning routine has changed, I haven't been able to make "presentable" bentos which I can blog about but I still make simple ones for Jaimie and Clement. The happy faces on the students gave me a glimpse of how Jaimie looked when she brought her bento to school.

What is bento? Bento is LOVE. :)

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Rachel said...

didn't know abt such workshop! love to go to one if there's any...

Angie said...

you dont hv to come!! you are a pro yourself! :D

the mummy who likes to bake said...
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the mummy who likes to bake said...

hi, i was thrilled to come across your blog!!! the bentos you make are really impressive! :D im inspired to make bentos for my kids! but i hv so many questions about bento making. is it possible to email you? :D

my main question is how to ensure the food/cut fruits in the bento box are kept fresh?

for eg. egg mayo/ham & cheese sandwiches. will it turn bad if kept in the box for few hours before consuming?

Angie said...


feel free to email me at :)

egg mayo sandwiches are fine for me as i keep my bentos for lunch in an air con room. not sure about outdoor, though! :)