Wednesday, July 27

Angry (Bird) -Angie

Remember I mentioned about the talented, funny-to-the-max comic artist Saulne whom we met during our trip to France?

That day, one of my colleagues SW posted something in her FB status which I thought was SO COOL.

"Life is like playing angry bird. When you fail, there will be a few pigs laughing."

I had to share with Saulne (Sylvain) this phrase because he is a big addict fan of angry bird! Then we started to talk about angry birds and I told him some of my students described me as "an angry bird"...=.=

He said it gave him an idea for a comic and he used my face in the comic!

Oh my god!!!! This is SOOOO COOOLL!!!! I have a comic strip drawn using my face!!! This is totally AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you so much, my friend!!!

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