Saturday, January 30

HPB & Angie's Bento Making Session

Finally, the day we have been planning together with Health Promotion Board is HERE! The bento making session is held at Cairnhill Community Centre from 10.30pm-1pm.

As usual, I hired my buddies as my part time maids. On my left is Wolfgirl, otherwise known as Yati during the session. On my right is Joyce, who prefers the name Maria. :D The third maid was late because she was making seaweed egg rolls at home and shelling 20 eggs and 15 quail eggs. We set up the stations for bread, vegetables, fruits etc and stick the bento pictures on the window panes for "teaching purposes". Well, I am a teacher by profession what. :D

Preparing the food before the event starts.

The lovely organisers from Edelman and Health Promotion Board. From the left: Farhana, Letty, LiRu, me, Vanessa and Suelyn. Such nice people they are! Angela was busy so we didn't ask her to join in the picture. Carmen was the main person who corresponded with me and she is on annual leave during this period. Pity that I do not have a picture taken with her. :(

My 3rd helper was finally here with the rice and the eggs.

First to arrive, LEVINE AND IVAN!! Levine is also the FIRST person to place her order for my first book and first to collect it from me. THANK YOU, Levine, for giving me so much support!

2 major groups of my friends came for the session-- my mommy/ blogging friends and my ex-colleagues. These 2 groups of friends are frequently mentioned in this blog. They are no stranger to one another and now they meet the real person!

Letty giving a 15 mins presentation on healthy eating.

My turn to take over to conduct the hands on workshop. I was a little nervous. Forgot that I should introduce myself a little more, forgot to mention about my blog, forgot to emphasize on the 2+2 part...

Oh well.

Being a teacher, I am quite good at "smoking" my way through. Heehee.

Showing the participants how we can "make fun" from the eggs.

Each participant gets a goodie bag with lots of goodies! 2 nice bento boxes, some bento making tools, a recipe book from HPB and my book. :D

Idy checking out the bento kit. She had bad a allergy reaction and her eyes were completely swollen. Yet she still came after going to the doctor for a jab. Thanks for your support, Idy! Hope you are okie now!

Sharing my bentoing experience and my favourite tool.

Showing (off) my collection of bento tools. :D

Hands on time! Some participants have bentoing experience while some are totally new. For those who had no idea how to start, I showed them how to make rice cubes with cute faces.

The only male participant, Philip, aka Koropok Man. He is GOOD at making bentos!

Leonny's kids enjoyed helping their mommy too!

I went around to help and to give some suggestions on how to enhance their bentos or showed them how to use the bento tools. Most were very fascinated by the nori punchers.

Viv and Joyce with their creations.

Nice bentos, aren't they!

From left: HappyPig, Violet and Jessica.

From left: Ai Wei and Merlin, the 2 beauty queens. Merlin is not in her top form now because she is 7 mths preggie. She is THE fashion diva, I tell you!

My wonderful, wonderful friends!

We cleaned up the place by 1pm, took a few group shots and went for the lunch reception.

I had a lot of fun doing this workshop and it is definitely an unique experience for me! I hope those who turned up had fun too! It would be great if we can have a slightly longer session and I will be able to share more of my bentoing experience. Nonetheless, I hope more people will enjoy making bentos for their loved ones, sharing food, sharing joy, building love and friendship!

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happypig said...


viv said...

Yes we had lots of fun too it was a good session well
done my friend

Angelia said...

Thanks again :) My friend & I did enjoy ourselves at the workshop and yes, if only we had more time. I would have loved to try out the various other bento tools :)

Aces Family said... nice, will surely steal some idea from Levine & Idy, now that they have master the art of Bento.


Shana said...

Wah, so many friends went to support you...can see from the photos that u gals had fun!

Joyce Long said...

wah..i see you have become a famous 'HOT' celebrity...people take turns to take foto with you.. : )

Thanks so much Angie for inviting us to this wondrous bento making a fun and warm gathering with lot of joy together...

levine said...

wahahaha, me too! think can start & contact class at CC liao!!

Idy said...

It was really an eye-opener for me, especially the bento gadgets you have! I enjoyed the session very much and it is time to start what else but bento shopping... and the first thing on my shopping list is the nori puncher!! I am sure you will welcome me into your bento shopping club. Hahahaha...

Idy said...

Oh, thanks for not taking close shots of my panda eyes!

Angie said...

welcome to the club, idy! make sure you have at least 3 cabinates in your kitchen to store your lunchboxes and accessories!!

Jerine said...

Hi Angie, I am interested to collaborate with you for a bento making workshop. Could you drop me your email address so that I can tell you more? Thank you! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Angie,
The class looked really fun! Would love to attend one of your classes with my 6 year old one of these days. Any more classes upcoming?

Jocelyn said...

It's sure a pity that I hv to miss this workshop. Will definitely try to attend your next class. Looks like u all hv lots of fun.

Angie said...

hi jerine,

i can be reached at

LZmommy said...

Wow! So fun! You can think of opening more classes ;)

Keropok Man said...

Hi Angie,

Thanks for the wonderful session. It was quite an enjoyable session.

Thanks to 'Yati' n 'Maria' for doing all the preparation work too.

Thought the rest of the people who attended the session might enjoy this clip that my colleague sent me. How to prepare bento in 5 mins!

Anonymous said...

Hi HI... Saw Angelia's Bento works and got really interested in learning a trick or 2. Any chance tht you'll be conducting another bento making session? I would love to attend your class. PLease advise :)


Angie said...

hi stephie!

thanks! HPB organises really interesting events to promote health. perhaps you can leave your name with them and express your interest in joining similar workshops. :)
As for myself, not so in the near future but keep a look out in this blog! i'll "advertise" if there's any upcoming events. thanks again!

SPIES said...


Please conduct another workshop. I always try to do simple bento for my kids but i'm not a creative person, so find it difficult to do much. hope to learn from you. :-)

Angie said...

hi! thanks for your interest and your compliments~ but hor, as i mentioned, i hv a full time job n making bento is just a hobby. just keep looking ard for ideas and copy them... soon you will be able to come up with your own ideas!! :)

Daphne Yap said...

Hi Angie,

This is Daphne from WaWa Pictures. We are currently producing a kids programme, Super Family 2. The objectives is to fufil a kids' wish/dream. We would like to feature you in one of our episodes. I would like to share with you more about the filming, you can contact me through Thank you.