Thursday, January 28

Stay Real

2 days ago, Clement passed me a parcel gleefully, waiting to see the pleasantly surprised look on my face. He had ordered something online for me.

I opened the parcel happily and found a tshirt. One look at it I knew it was one of the tshirts designed by Ashin of Mayday. I was overjoyed because this design was out of stock in the Stay Real stores in Taipei! However, when I lifted up the tshirt, it didn't feel real.

I have 2 genuine Stay Real tshirts and this one is certainly different from the ones I own. The material is obviously of a lousier quality. Clement didn't know it was an imitation when he bought it online. He thought he got a bargain as he was only paying a fraction of the price. I was battling to wear it or not because it was Clement's goodwill to get me something I like but wearing it is so difficult because it would mean not staying real to my idol!

I examined the tshirt carefully and I found some bloopers which I suspect was a deliberately effort to do so.

The AnswerI

I cant even figure out what they are trying to say in the last line. I am sure Ashin can do better than this.

The UFE we UVE? The life we love?

Ahhhh... no way. Sorry dear. I cannot wear this tshirt. I must Stay Real. But thank you. Love.

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Meekfreek said...

Hahaha! I laughed so hard when I read how thoroughly you inspected the shirt!

Shana said...

It's the thought that counts..I'm sure Clement will understand and support your decision. ^_^

stardust said...

Cannot believe Clement can be so "dense" to believe of such a "bargain"! *heheh*

Clement said...

SD, no lah...i was only assuming that it was an imitation that at least looked like the actual item. hey, arn't there those cheongz LV bags that mimic the real stuff pretty well? i mean, they don't print VL instead of LV right?

Jacky said...

Hahaha, its ok lah angie. While the shirt is "cheong" one the feelings of the giver is REAL!

That's what count.

Well, viv suggested if can't wear out can keep it for just wearing at home lor. :)

Anonymous said...

I reaslied that u're a Mayday fan from the post. Have u booked ur tickets for their latest concert in Apr? Can't wait.

--- Jai

Angie said...

Hi Jai

of-----course------!!! tickets are booked! :D

Anonymous said...

I just realised that your daughter and i both have the same name. =)

- Jai

P/s: Remember to bring along your BLUE lightsticks for their concert.