Monday, January 10

Bento #151

I said I would be taking a break from bento making because of my hectic work schedule.

However, Clement's meal replacement for breakfast didn't seem to do him much good. We suspect it might be one of the reasons for Clement's first gastric attack last week. I told him to stay off the protein shake for a while and hence here I am again, waking up earlier to make breakfast bento for him.

I am trying to strike a balance between rest and food. So I'm giving up on the cutie stuff and make very simple breakfast for my hubby.

4 voices:

happypig said...


还有,为什么要喝protein shake?

Angie said...

Protein shake是那些炼肌肉的男人喝的东西。化学品,算了吧。

Shana said...

这份爱心早餐远远胜过任何cutie stuff!

Lydia said...

me too had a bout of gastric attack last week and on monday nite... totally immobilized me!