Saturday, November 13

Jaimie Performing @ Childcare's Graduation Concert 2010

We received a letter from Jaimie's childcare centre informing us in the K2's Graduation Concert, selected K1 and N2 students have been picked to participate in the performances, and that Jaimie was among them. We were thrilled! Then, we scrolled down the letter and realised that Jaimie would be playing "Baby Bird #3" in the skit "RaFunzal" (a spoof of the classic Rapunzel - soon to be featured in the new Disney animation "Tangled"!). Jaimie's name appeared last on the actor's list and we knew that she was just playing a super minor role. Nonetheless, we were still very happy and proud. We kept asking her what were her lines and dance steps. Jaimie couldn't tell us very much so we didn't know what to expect of her performance.

That's Jaimie in her baby bird make up, taken outside the childcare centre.
The concert was held in the school classroom. It was a simple and cozy affair. Jaimie was with the other performancers in another classroom while we were seated on "baby chairs" along with many other proud and equally anxious parents.

That's our "Baby Bird #3" after donning her cardboard wings.

The concert began at 11am. The graduands marched in to the song "The Saints Came Marching In". They were so cute and so smart! I don't know why but I almost broke into tears when I saw the children came in! Gosh!! And Jaimie wasn't even among them!! What's wrong to my tear ducts!?

Super super cute~~

The play was the second item in the concert. Now I know why Jaimie couldn't tell us what her involvement was BECAUSE she just came out to with the mother bird and 2 other siblings to say "Chirp chirp chirp! Plat plat plat!!", flew round the prince charming twice. And THAT'S IT! I mean, I know it was a minor role but I didn't know it was THAT insignificant! Hahahaha~~~

This was Jaimie waiting at the door to join in the chorus. She wasn't bored. While waiting, she was dancing together with those performing on stage. Muahahahaha~~~~

After the play skit, there were a few other items. The children were simply toooooo cute in their fashion show and during the modern dance to the tune of "Nobody", which is being played like in every children concert.

Of course all the parents were busy taking photos!!

The grand finale. "I like to teach the world to sing, in perfect harmony..."... Jaimie was the only one singing and gesturing to the song!! Huh! We were wondering if she made it up herself.

I am very impressed with the children. They were able to sing, dance, act and even host! The emcees were the K2 children themselves! How nice!

Even though Jaimie played a small role in the concert, I am very glad that she was chosen to perform because participating in a concert is more than just the performance itself. It's teamwork, discipline, hard work, commitment etc which was beyond the textbooks and the classrooms.

Good job, children!!

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Jo the Marvelous said...
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Jo the Marvelous said...

laoshi , your daughter is still so adorable(: and i hope that u still remember me.

Anyway i was really inspired after looking through the bento u made, so i thought maybe i should start making one too. I just made my very first bento recently and i feel that i should show them to you.

I just wanna say thanks for your guidance even thought its a short one. I really appreciate it(:

wolfgirl said...

wah... check out her eye make-up!

This girl is simply adorable!!!

Lydia said...

Exciting! For parents and kids alike! I know how u felt and the tearduct thing. Though insignificant, Jae gave her best performing and enjoyed performing too. High chance about the actions as she is such an expressive girl~ :)