Thursday, November 11

Practice Makes Perfect!

Thank you, friends, for leaving your comments in the previous post. I have asked my mother in law who is a primary school Chinese teacher her opinion and she agrees that strokes and sequence is more important than the structure at 4 years old.

However, Clement and I still feel that Jaimie has the ability to write this simple character well. We're not asking her to write words with more complex strokes so we should push her a little if she can manage. If she cannot manage even after trying, of course we will not press on.

You see, the problem with Jaimie is that she is very easily distracted. When focused, she can usually do quite well. Perhaps this writing exercise is a good way to get her to learn to concentrate better. But I must admit that the raising voice part is my bad.

I told Jaimie that a lot of aunties saw her writing in the blog and were impressed by her nice writing! She was happy to hear that. I asked if she was willing to continue writing the same word山 and she readily agreed. It was not surprising that she wrote well after yesterday's practice! After writing 4 lines and most of them were good by my standard, I told her to stop and we proceed on to do her favourite colouring activity.

I must say, well done, my girl!!! You wrote well and you concentrated when you write!

My mother in law will probably start to teach her to write her Chinese name soon. I will leave that to the expert while I will continue with building her foundation.

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