Wednesday, November 17

Photo Morning

Jaimie wanted to ride her bicycle and Clement wanted to test his new lens. And today is a public holiday. The logical place to go will be WCP.

So Jaimie got to ride, Clement got to shoot, while I sat on the bench, reading "Slumdog Millionaire". It's a very good book, better than the movie!

At about 11am, we went to Kampong Bahru to eat our favourite 饺子and 小笼包. I ordered chicken chop noodles for Jaimie. When asked if the noodles was delicious, she replied, "妈妈帮我叫的很好吃!"
Do all children have super high EQ nowadays?!?!?!

5 voices:

wolfgirl said...

Where is this restaurant? the food looks good leh!! Must recommend!

And once again, Jaimie looks so happy and pretty in those beautiful pictures taken with the excellent lens...

(I got high EQ too...)

happypig said...



Angie said...

Wolf: next time i treat you there. it's excellent food!!

TM: 何止?!

Ivy Tay said...

哇你的女儿好美丽哦, 照片也拍得很自然. 还有那些食物看了我口水都快流出来了啦.

Lydia said...

I love the 2nd pic of Jae! She has a style of her own when comes to posing for the camera. The "invisible rope jumping" was nice too. I like ALL the food pictures, haha!

As for her reply about the food you ordered for her... simply sweetness~ Some might just answer "Nice/delicious/yummy"... but Jae's reply has that personal-touch thing, she is amazingly sweet!

One thing I must make mention about the pictures: the bubbles pics are truly great! My pics on bubbles usually can't see them at all... but yours could even see the "soapy-ness". Picasa?