Tuesday, June 15

Proud To be Chinese, Proud To be Friends!

It's our quarterly teacher-mommies meetup again. This time, all of us are supposed to come in "Chinese" theme because we are happy that the government heard the people's voice and do not lower the weightage of the Chinese language in PSLE.

Errr.. yes, that sounds a bit remote but after playing so much with the dressing theme, we decided to be "ourselves".

We went to a very traditional Chinese restaurant in Chinatown!

Joyce and I came in traditional tops.


These 2 are the more creative ones. Wolfgirl came with a Chinese book...

check out the details on Viv's pants!

Chicken and ginseng double boiled soup. Yummy for me but some thought it was a little too salty.

Prawn in Mandarin sauce. Must try!

"3 cups chicken". The chicken was very tender!

"Dong Po Rou" with mantou. Ohhh.. the fatty meat was so sinfully juicy, soft and delicious!!!

Steamed crab with glutenous rice. For crab lovers who loved the 蟹黄,this one had plenty!

Claypot Tofu with abalone slices.

Our verdict--
Food: 8.8/10
Value for money: 9/10
Ambiance: 7.5/10
Friendship: 14/10
How can women complete without dessert? We crossed the overhead bridge and continued with the dessert.
Water chestnut cake. Absolutely must try!

Guilin Gao

Durian snow ice, green tea snow ice.

Sesame and almond snow ice. We love this one best!

As always, the 4 of us had a fabulous time sharing and chatting. All of us have been so busy and we really treasure the time we specially put aside to meet up and catch up. Great friends are hard to come by and I am glad that the 4 of us treasure our friendship very, very much.
Cheers! My beloved friends!

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BS said...

The snow ice look HUGE. Is it the shop opposite Hong Lim Complex? and yes, I'm supporter of "huayu cool" too :)

Angie said...

yes it is HUGE but we managed to finish them ALL nonetheless!! :D

not hong lim complex. it's 味香园 at temple street.

Joyce Long said...

To all my dearie frens, it is indeed great to have frens like all of u to share joy and laughter together...thanks for everything...

viv said...

I was hoping to read this b4 my trip n Angie never fails to deliver! Yes really enjoyed this aftn every bit of it! Thank you Friends...

wolfgirl said...

yes.. very enjoyable afternoon with wonderful ladies..

Must do this again sometime!!

Aces Family said...

Wow..didn't know 味香园 also has snow ice. I always arrowed in their hot dessert, will try next time...nice gathering and as usual..nice food too...: )