Saturday, June 12

Kiwi Concoctions for Kids

I was invited to the attend the "Kiwi Concoctions For Kids" organised by Zespri. Since I was asked to invite some blogger friends to go along, I asked Viv and HappyPig to this parent and child event. I told Jaimie she would be making her own sandwich and other food. She was very thrilled and very much looked forward to it.

The event was to promote the awareness of this super nutritious fruit, kiwi. I am already a big fan of kiwi so this is nothing new to me. I have always included kiwi in my bento boxes for both the colour and the nutrition. The event was hosted by Dr Leslie Tay, author of a very well-known food blog IeatIshootIpost.

There was a colouring corner for the kids to entertain themselves before the event started. Jaimie, XJ, XY and Ivan were having fun while their mommies catch up with their friends!

Idy, Vivian, myself, Levine and HappyPig.

The event was held at the Asian Food Channel studio at Orchard Central. It's totally beautiful and cozy!

Jaimie listening attentively, for 2 mins. =_=''' Then she began to be impatient and couldn't wait for the hands on session to begin.

Mr Daniel Mathieson, the Regional Market Manager for Zespri International (Asia) Ltd, giving us information on the kiwi fruit. I never knew Kiwi fruit grows on the vine, like grapes!

Dr Leslie Tay said he'll be out of job if everybody eats 2 kiwis a day!

Dr Tay demonstrating how to make nice and healthy kiwi desserts. I was only half listening as I had to coax the impatient Jaimie and taking photos at the same time.

This 3 coloured smoothie was the kids' favourite. They all couldn't wait to get a taste of this smoothie called "Traffic Light".

Dr Tay's demo include Kiwi with Oolong jelly and wolf berries (an extremely powerful antioxidant dessert), kiwi custard and traffic light smoothie.

One last demonstration on making kiwi sandwiches. Does the little girl look a little familiar? She is the local DJ Joe Augustin's daughter. She definitely looks very much like her daddy! Joe Augustin was there with his family.

I told you Jaimie couldn't wait for the hands on session to begin. She's already holding on to the kiwi.... ahh.. i cant remember the name. It's not "spork" as in spoon and fork. It's a kiwi cutter and scoop-- new improved design with very clever details!

First, we made the kiwi sandwich. We were given butter, cream cheese, golden kiwi, honey and fruit and nut bread.

Jaimie put in very careful thoughts on what goes into her sandwich!

Laying the kiwis on the bread.

A smiley face?

I must say the kiwi sandwich is very good!! Really!! You've got to try it!

The kids enjoying their fruits of labour. I am sure this was one of the best sandwiches they have ever eaten.

Cutting the kiwi with the.. whatever... to make kiwi custard. So, the cooking mama game did help Jaimie with the sawing action. Both Jaimie and I ate up the fruit before we made anything because it was so irresistible and sweet. Luckily we were given some more kiwi. Heeheehee.

Mixing the custard and the kiwi together and crushing them in a zip lock bag. Jaimie happily hammering the kiwi.

HappyPig and her girls were having loads of fun too!

By cutting a corner off the zip lock bag, it became a piping bag and Jaimie was squeezing her kiwi custard onto some sago. We find this a little too blend. Perhaps adding some sugar will enhance the taste.

Nonetheless, Jaimie enjoyed what she made!

And so did Ezra!

Can't get enough of the dessert.

Finally, Jaimie got to try the "Traffic Light".

Last but not least, the power antioxidant dessert. My personal favourite! Btw, oolong jelly is such a clever idea. You only need oolong tea, konyaku powder and some sugar to make.

The event lasted from 11am to about 1.45pm. This is my first time preparing food with Jaimie. We had so much fun preparing the food, enjoying them and chatting with friends. We brought home not only a goodie bag, kiwi recipes, and also higher awareness to eat healthily. More importantly, the event was packed with so much bonding, fun, laughter and friendship and I brought home much fond memories.

Thanks Suelyn, for inviting me to this awesome event!

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Idy said...

I think it is called a spife (spoon + knife) - not sure if my spelling is correct though. I had used these spifes way back in 2002 when I was in Beijing. Each box of Zespri kiwifruits I bought then came with one spife. But the ones we see today are nicer!

Shana said...

I remember using these "spife" that comes with the Kiwi we had bought to scrape the apple and fed them to ZY when she was just a few mths old..very useful tool indeed!

Btw, the complexions of the gang seems to be so radiant! Might be the work of the powerful Kiwi?

Angie said...

ya.. the spife is not sth new but the one that they gave out yesterday is a new improved version. good for both left and right handers and some other clever smaller details.

sherlyn said...

Such a nice event. I eat kiwi almost everyday when it is in season. Will you be able to share the traffic light recipe and the oolong tea recipe please?


Angie said...


the actual recipe quite lengthy to type but it's really quite simple. the green is green kiwi, the yellow is gold kiwi, the red is raspberries. just puree the fruits seperately until smooth and be careful not to crush the seeds (else will taste bitter). add in some orange juice in the kiwi to blend together for better taste. pour into a tall cup over the back of a spoon and you'll get 3 distinct layers.

oolong jelly:
150mg konnyaku powder, 750ml brewed oolong tea. your usual method to make konnyaku. for the wolfberries, dissolve 2 cups super in 1 cup water and put in half cup wolfberries to bring to a boil. simmer for half hour and chill in fridge. then serve with crushed ice, your oolong jelly and kiwi.

hope my summary is clear... if not you email me again, k? :)

sherlyn said...

Thank you for sharing. I understand your summary. I thought the red is watermelon. :-) I think must try out then will see I have more questions. hehe.

So oolong jelly cut into cubes to be served in the wolfberries drink and top with kiwi? Cant figure how the three is put together... sorry ..

Angie said...

yes, after making the jelly, cut into cubes and put some into a bowl/cup, add in the ice, the wolfberries and kiwi. you are right. :)

sherlyn said...

Thank you Angie. :-)

Anonymous said...

Whao Angie, looks like great fun! Am glad you guys enjoyed yourselves. I am going to try making the kiwi sandwich!


ED said...


My name is ED and I was at the next table. We did not get to meet but My kids enjoyed themselves too!

Catch you at the next event! :)

Anonymous said...

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Is this possible?

Anonymous said...

the dessert bowl for the oolong tea is so that from studio?