Friday, June 11

2nd Meetup with Friends in a day

After the movie and lunch outing with Faith and company, we went home to rest and take a nap before we met up with my best buddy HappyPig and her 2 lovely girls for dinner at Swensens.

After a sumpteous meal of mushroom baked rice, fries and ice cream, the girls continued to play at the playground till 9.45pm while HappyPig and I sat down and chit chat. It has been some time since HappyPig and I met up and we met up on 2 consecutive days! I love chatting with her and I still miss the old days when we shared the same cubicle at work.
Oh. Wait. I am going to see HappyPig for THREE consecutive days! We are going to meet tomorrow again to attend an event together. YIPPEEE!!!
Both Mommy Ng and Jaimie Ng are very happy today!

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