Monday, June 28

Bento #115

School begins today!

Our family motto for this half of the year is "Eat Healthily (we try our best...)". :D

To start off the campaign, I made a very healthy bento today. It is similar to bento #114 but it is not exactly the same. I used wholemeal wraps this time and not pita bread. Instead of baking my own chicken steaks, I bought a roast pepper chicken from NTUC Extra and sliced the meat. Added in the wraps were loads of green vegetables and tomato cubes.

After trying out 2 options, I prefer the wrap to the pita bread. I like the texture of the wrap better. I thought this bento tasted good but Clement commented that it was a little dry. I did think of adding mayonnaise but I dropped the idea as mayo does not fit into our motto. :D However, Clement said that the healthy bento breakfast made him more health conscious and he opted noodle soup for lunch! Yeah!!

Since it is the first day of school, I put an Ultraman sticker on the disposable bento box to cheer myself up. Ah, that's the thing about wraps and pita bread. They do not fit into most of my cute little bento boxes. These disposable ones are quite handy. From Daiso, of course.

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I am so proud of you! Healthy meals =)