Monday, April 26

Bento #114

I decided to do a bento last minute hence I wasn't very well prepared.

I bought a packet of wholemeal pita bread some time back and last night while I was walking around in Cold Storage, the marinated chicken steak caught my eyes. I bought 3 pieces (they are huge!), some tomatoes and some baby butterhead to make chicken pita.

As this is my first time baking chicken steak, I read up on the internet before I experiement with it. So, there is "moist cooking" and "dry cooking" method! To save time in the morning, I wrapped the chicken steak in aluminium foil and shove them into the oven, baking them in low heat (180 deg) for 80mins before I went to bed last night/ this morning (it was ard midnight anyway). I am not sure how much time is needed to cook the steak so 80mins is a trial and error and kiasu timing. I also wrapped the foil loosely so that heat can pass through more easily. The last thing I want to see is half baked chicken steak when I wake up.

When I opened up the foil this morning, I could smell the aroma of the baked chicken steak, very juicy and tender! I halved the pita bread, put in the vegetables and the meat, and lunch is ready. Quite easy! I made 5 sets of pita bread. My colleagues said they were very nice~ Great! I shall be better prepared the next time and make a proper pita bread bento.

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