Tuesday, April 27

My Primary School Teacher

I was downloading the alumni application form from my alma mater's website when I saw this picture. These teachers are old enough to be MY teachers since I had left more than a quarter of a century ago so I took a closer look at the retired teachers in this picture.

I could recognise my primary three Chinese teacher at one glance! She's Song Laoshi and she is the third lady from the right in the standing row.

Song Laoshi was my form teacher too. She adored me because I was the best student in her Chinese class (btw, I CMI for my other subjects.. thankfully there wasn't any different weightage in the various subjects during PSLE then or else I would be punished for being strong in my Mother Tongue). She would always tell us stories during lessons. I could not remember any of the stories told but I would always remember her motherly face and her kindness.

How time flies...!

I hope Jaimie will enjoy her primary school as much as her mommy did.

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