Saturday, May 1

Young Cyclists @ West Coast Park

It has been a while since the Usual Suspects meet up. Today we brought our children and their bicycles to West Coast Park to cycle. Unfortunately Wolfie had a toothache and couldn't come.

The storm riders.

Ezra was too shy to join in the group of girls for photo taking. He's the only boy in the group. Count your blessings, Ezra!!! So many boys would love to be in your shoes! :D

Jaimie managed to cycle well! In fact, her maneuvering skills has improved since the last cycling session at East Coast Park!

Paddling the bicycle is a lot of hard work. So does chasing behind the bicycle.

After half an hour of so, the kids were tired and so were the adults. We decided to sit down and do some less physically demanding activities such as flying kite. However, this morning wasn't the windy. The daddies as usual were very enthusiastic and made a lot of effort in trying to get the kite up. The kids were bored by the unsuccessful attempts and ran off to have fun among themselves.

Jaimie enjoys the company of her friends. She was happy to see them.
So do the mommies.

Jaimie trying out Cherrlyn's scooter.

Enjoying the ipod (every child has one!!!) and the banana muffins (yummy~~) Viv baked.

You have, I have~~

The kids couldn't sit still for more than 10mins. They decided to go to the playground. MF joined us after their breakfast at MacDonald's.

It was getting unbearably hot by 11am. We drove off to West Coast Plaza to enjoy the good food and company at BBQ Chicken (again).

It is always so good to meet up with friends!

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Joyce Long said...

truly great time for the kids : )

Meekfreek said...

Great fun! Thanks for the invite Mummies!