Friday, April 2

A GOOD Friday--Birthday Celebrations in the East

The "Teacher Mommies" always meet during the quarterly vacation but we didn't manage to do so in March because 2 of us went for vacation overseas. We need to make up for that meeting we had missed so we planned to meet quite last minute today at East Coast Park for sandcastle building and cycling.

Jaimie was absolutely thrilled to meet her friends! The sun at 9.15am was nice and friendly. When we saw the children going into the sea water, we all recalled the gathering we had in Palawan Beach Sentosa when the children were only barely over 1 year old! Now they are celebrating their 4th birthday!
"She picks seashells at the seashore."

I like this picture very much. My favourite friends' silhouette...

And I like this one too.

Time to get into business. SANDCASTLE BUILDING!! Ezra is very experienced and he was all ready to start~

The theme for today's sandcastle building: Play with your children!

Jaimie was of great help. :)

But she got tired after a while and decided to do a sun tan.

She's not the only one. See, all the children left the construction site. It became a competition among the daddies. They played the game very seriously!

The children were having fun somewhere else, enjoying every moment with their friends.

The results!! Clement's castle:

Jacky's castle.

Chai San's castle.
Well done, boys! A man's home is his castle...

until his queen arrives.

We packed up at 10.20am. The children went for some cycling before we proceed to Carl's Junior for brunch.

Since the kids' birthdays are round the corner, we had a little celebration for them. Wolfgirl bought some muffins and cheesecakes from Starbucks for them.

They sang "Happy Birthday" in their loudest possible volume and blew the candles.

We lit the candles again and asked them to "make a wish".

May all your wishes come true, my little darlings!

This is definitely not a very glamours or flattering picture but it was a very beautiful moment. I saw little Rain sharing her cake with her mommy. That was such a nice gesture and I happened to capture it on my camera. I had to post it up.
We left ECP at about 12.15pm and proceeded to Explorer Kids @Downtown East to celebrate Xalicia's birthday. I guess Jaimie was quite tired from the morning's activity and she became quite weepy and timid at the indoor playground. However, she was much better towards the end of the party and became her cheerful self.

This is a GOOD FRIDAY. We spent GOOD family time together with GOOD friends having GOOD fun. It cannot be better.

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Shana said...

It certainly looks like a very GOOD fun-filled friday for your family!

Karmeleon said...

I really like that mid-air pix !

wolfgirl said...

Yes... it is a very 'action' shot!

We had so much fun that RR demanded that we must go again!

The weather was very cooperative too.

Joyce Long said...

Same here..Cherrlyn keeps mentioning that she want to go back to the beach with her good frens here..perphas we can do it again..thanks for all the fun together.. Happy bithday to yr princess jae..