Saturday, April 3

Family Celebration for Jaimie's 4th BDay

Other than Jaimie's first birthday, we do not hold birthday parties for her. We only have a small family celebration and this year is no different. We went to Tung Lok Seafood at Upper Jurong Road for an ala carte buffet lunch.

My parents-- Jaimie's gong gong and por por.

Clement's parents. Jaimie's ye ye and nai nai.

My brother. Jaimie's kow-foo.

Clement's brother and sister in law. Jaimie's shushu, shenshen and Kaikai didi.

"I will be 4 years old in a few days' time!"

Happy birthday, my darling girl! You have brought us so much joy and love~ we wish you happiness and good health always. Love, papa and mama.

Mommy loves you with all her heart, Jae.

Yeye bought this princess cake for Jaimie. We all love you dearly.

After lunch, we crossed over to Singapore Discovery Centre. Jaimie and I had never been there. If you have a POSB Everyday card, one child enters free with 2 paying adults.

It was quite fun, surprisingly. We went for a 3D movie and a bus tour to SAFTI.

The place is very interactive but some of the interactive games are too difficult to play. The robot was responding to Jaimie's request to sing. It sang "My Bonnie" when Jaimie asked it to. So funny!

Singapore Discovery Centre was all about National Education.

You can learn to do different cultural dances too.

and see yourself in the TV.

There's another exhibition going on in the side hall. It's called "World Piece". I had not much idea what's it about because I wasn't paying much attention to the exhibits. But we took a photo to participate in a competition (which I do not know what compeition it was) and Jaimie got to doodle on the doodling board with chalk. This is the first time she draws with chalk and she's definitely expressing her creativity to the max!

We had a good afternoon having good family time.

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absolutfaith said...

Happy birthday Jaimie!

We haven't had any birthday parties for the girls other than their first too! I told Bobby just once every 10 years... but now I think that might be a bit too long. So now it's every 5 years, Faith will have one this year! I think...

happypig said...




levine said...

Happy Birthday Jamie!!

levine said...

Sorry dear, its Happy Birthday Jaimie!! (Auntie didnt put on specs) ;)

Aces Family said...

Wishing Jaimie A Happy 4th Birthday and many happy moments with the families.


Meekfreek said...

Happy Birthday Jaimie! May all your princess dreams come true!

PS. Your brother is a good looking guy!

stardust said...

Happy birthday to Jae! I like your hairclip.

Angie said...

thank you for all your well wishes! :D

Stardust, the hairclip is a gift from Joyce. :)