Sunday, April 4

Jaimie's Day

Since Jaimie's birthday falls on Tuesday and we do not want her to miss school, we celebrated with her today, just the 3 of us.

It wasn't much of a celebration actually. We just let her choose whatever she wanted to go and whatever she wanted to eat. She requested to go to the playground in Lot One and Sakae Sushi. So we went to Lot One.

I think this is going to be the last time we'll dine at Sakae Sushi. The standard of the food is really BAD today. We were ok with the food served in Sakae Sushi although it is average. However, it's really BAD today. Clement, who usually had no comments on food, said he couldn't swallow his lunch and was going to puke. I agreed.

The arcade is one of Jaimie's favourite hangout. She could spend an hour running around the arcade, watching people play games and sitting on the game machines watching the thriller. I was quite surprised to see her taking off her shoes and hopped on to the DDR machine, moving her little feet stepping on the arrows like a real gamer!

I think Clement miss playing his bass. Hahaha~~

Mario Kart was quite interesting too.

After 2 consecutive days of play, Jaimie couldn't hold it anymore. She requested to go home in the afternoon to rest. We dug her up after 45mins of nap and she was totally angry and cranky. Luckily, she responded to our bribe to buy her her favourite cheese coated doughnut from Doughnut Factory and we went to Novena Square for dinner.

The dinner at Zhou Kitchen was SO MUCH BETTER than Sakae Sushi.
With the good and happy dinner, we marked the end of a happening long weekend and part 3 of Jaimie's birthday celebration. Part 4 will be held in her childcare centre on Tuesday!

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BS said...

Happy Birthday, Jaimie! So you're also an Aries kid :)

viv said...

Happy bitthday Jaimie

The Lim Family said...

Happy Birthday Jamie. May you grow up healthy n pretty always.
We went Sake Sushi last week at Toa Payoh... Also going to be our last time! Felt that their standard drop very badly.

Meekfreek said...

Children's requests are very simple....spending time together is most important. Blessed birthday dear Jaimie.

We went to Sakae Sushi too, on Saturday at Park Mall. Definitely not my favourite Jap restaurant but ok for the price lah.

Anonymous said...

hi, im a reader of ur blog for some time. just wondering u ever tot of having a sibling for jamie? ive a 3.5yo child. been wanting to hv a 2nd child, but tried and tried until now having 2nd tot abt it.... sigh...

Shana said...

Happy Sweet Birthday, Jaimie!

Anonymous said...

A Blessed Birthday, Jamie! (Lots of hugs ...)

Love fr all of us,
Uncle Mike
Aunty Shan
Gor Gor ZG
Mei Mei TY
Di Di ZY

Idy said...

Happy 4th birthday, Jaimie!

Jocelyn said...

Happy birthday, sweetie.

Lydia said...

Jaimieeeeeeeeeee, blessed 4th birthday! Hope you had a great birthday bash today at your CCC like you did with the earlier 3 celebrations!

Jae, may you grow in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and men. :)

Ee Ping said...

Hey, so glad to see that the dress fits Jaimie! This means the cardigan fits then... haha, sorry but should have bought both a size bigger!

Angie said...

Thanks again, friends, for your well wishes to Jaimie! :)

EePing, they fit well! and jaimie likes the dress very much. It has some room for growing too. thanks! See you next SATURDAY!