Tuesday, April 6

Birthday Celebration in School

Today is Jaimie's 4th birthday. Clement bought her a cake from ecreative and she had a simple and happy celebration with her classmates! We brought our DSLR but only realised we didn't slot in the SD card when we reached her school! Hahaha!! It happened to me once too, happily taking photos and then realised I am snapping nothing.

Anyway, thankfully I still have my Nokia phone with a reasonable camera!

Jaimie with her favourite teacher, Zhang Laoshi, who ties Jaimie's hair so beautifully each time. When we looked at the photos, we realised that Jaimie was smiling so happily. It wasn't a smile put up for taking pictures. You can see she was genuinely happy. That, is priceless to us.

Dear Jaimie,

You have brought so much love, laughter and sunshine into our lives ever since you come into our lives. 4 years have passed. You have grown into a sweet little girl who knows how to care, share and love. I still remember when I first set my eyes on you, I fell in love with you the moment I saw you. You were then a tiny, curious baby, anxiously drinking milk from the bottle. Now you still enjoy your milk from the bottle (perhaps you should throw it away like Ezra gor-gor did!) and you can sing, dance, tell stories, count and even recognise some Chinese words! Every night when we look at you when you were sleeping soundly, it never fails to amaze us how much you have grown! From a 47cm little thing to almost 1m in height now!

All we wish for you, our little princess, is happiness an good health always. Mommy has said that before and I will always say the same thing. To us, your happiness is always our top priority.

We love you more and more.

Happy Birthday, our beloved daughter.


Mommy and Daddy

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小的 said...


crazymommy said...

Happy Birthday, Jaimie!

wolfgirl said...

Happy Birthday, Jaimie jie jie...

I want to be as cheerful and spontaneous like you too!

Think of it, we have been friends more than 3-quarters of our lives!

I wish we can grow up to be good friends like our mummies are and we can share gossip, latest fashion news and even trade LV bags..

My mummy says the milestone for 4 years old is to start drinking milk from cups. Maybe your mummy will keep your milk bottles too.. so beware..

Happy birthday again and hereby wishing you good health, happiness and joy. And.. lets be good kids and love our parents!

With lots of love, Rain meimei

Elizabeth & Kenise said...

Happy Birthday Jaimie.

She so pretty and the cake is really huge.

viv said...

Blessed Birthday Jaimie... thank you for bringing so much FUN & laughter to so many people....

stardust said...

Wow, the cake is enormous!

Happy birthday to Jae and wish you cheerful and sweet always.

Angie said...

thank you thank you!

the cake is 3kg... it looks big but it is not THAT big lah. probably it's the angle of the shot. :D

Sherilynn said...

Happy belated birthday Jaimie!