Monday, May 3

Training For SAFRA Run 2010 (2)

It's Labour Day off-in-lieu for both Clement and myself so we headed to ECP for our training for the run after sending Jaimie to school.

Armed with an IPod fully loaded with MayDay songs, we aimed to run 10km but in the end we only managed something between 7-8km. We jogged from Carl's Junior to the ECP Food Centre and then we turned back. After that, we went to Carl's Junior for breakfast to tap on their free flow of drinks. I think we refilled our cups 4 times to quench our thirst!

Not bad for me because I will only be running 10km. It's just a little more than today's distance. It's important to train on the road as it is very different to run on the treadmill and on the road. Running on the road requires much more effort and energy. However, this is only ONE THIRD of what Clement is in for!!! The thought of it demoralised him already. =_='''

Half way mark-- the sand castle. I always wonder how did it survive the rain.

Ending Point!!! 1 Hour of hard work!!!

Total time clocked-- 1 hour 3min 27'26sec.

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wolfgirl said...

All the way, my fren... The Shape Run is too ex.. $50+ right?

SAFRA Run can gatecrash??

Angie said...

dont crash lah. sign up and join us!!

小的 said...

cool!...i m suffering from heat stroke..cant run..boohoo

lovelyloey said...

you should get a Nike+iPod sync. Don't need Nike shoes, just put the chip somewhere in your shoe, and sync it to your iPod. Calibrate it, and it can calculate distance and speed for you using your iPod (provided it's not a too old model). very motivating and useful for marathon runners!

Angie said...

wah~~~ so high tech!!