Saturday, May 8

Training For SAFRA Run 2010 (3)

You see, we are really quite serious in our run so we needed to get the right shoes for the running event (read: shopacholic). So we went to the Running Lab in Velocity in Novena Square 2 to get a pair of track shoes that best suits us.

For my entire life I have been choosing track shoes based on the asthetic design. I never knew I should get a pair of shoes that suits the kind of feet I have. Alvin from Running Lab is an excellent, excellent consultant. He observed us very carefully when we walked and jogged on the theadmill so that he can give us the best advise. If you want to read more about how to choose jogging shoes, click here.

His observation is I am an overrpronator with low arch. Upon checking my injury history and running habits, he recommended me to get shoes that are of "moderate stability". Clement is also an overpronator with even lower arch and his right foot is close to flat foot. Hence he needs maximum stability shoes. He went on to measure the width and the length of our feet. I never knew that running shoes, like bra sizes, have width from A-E! New Balance have shoes for people with a bigger, er... width. Other shoes are usually a A-B width. So I am a B and Clement is a D.

After finding out all the statistics about our feet, we still need to try on different shoes to see which one we are most comfortable in. Alvin brought out shoes from Nike, Asics, Saucony and New Balance for us to try. In the end, both Clement and I chose Ascis.

In our new shoes, we happily planned to go jogging around Jurong Lake and even aimed for 10km. In the end, after 5km, we were quite dead already because the weather was simply too hot!! We dragged our tired bodies into the Chinese Garden and motivated each other to carry on. Oh, correction. I was the one motivating Clement to carry on. He kept saying he was dehydrating already. I told him we'll get a cold drink from the vending machine when we returned to the entrance to hang the carrot in front of him. What I didn't tell him was I didn't bring coins with me. Hehehehe!!!

In the end, we managed to run 1 hour and 55sec. Nothing tastes better than a Big Gulp after the hard work!

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wolfgirl said...

Beautiful shoes... cute socks.

The maiden run on your new shoes will not feel as smooth as yoru subsequent runs. You need to 'warm up' your shoes.. shoes that are a bit worn will feel better and run better.

Jia You!

lovelyloey said...

Eh, typo is it. According to the website link you put, "If you're flat-footed, you're most likely an overpronator, which means that your feet roll inward when you run."


Anyway, this is the link for Nike+iPod:

Hurh hurh I've been telling everyone to use it.

Angie said...

lovelyloey, you are right!!! i'll make the correction now. :p

Angeline said...

Reading this already make me sweat. *giggle*

HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY, my friend.