Sunday, May 16

Trial Dancing Class

Last week, Jaimie pleaded us to let her join the dancing class at Jody Marshall. She has been looking forward to this Sunday and finally, she gets to attend her class.

This is the kind of dancing class I wanted Jaimie to go to. Loads of fun, lots of movement, happy, enjoyable and expressive. The class was 45mins and Jaimie was smiling and laughing happily for at least an hour. Even after the class, she was in all smiles. When I asked her how much she liked her class, she stretched her arms to the max and told me "THHHHIIIIIISSSS MUCHHH!!!"
We didn't sign up for the classes now as there are only 4-5 weeks left for this semester and of which, we wont be around for 2-3 weekends. We'll sign up when the term starts in July. Meanwhile, we'll still bring her there and pay-per-lesson.
I have never seen Jaimie so happy in a class. The joyful look on her face is priceless to us.

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wolfgirl said...

Yes... she looks so happy. Must let her continue!
This is a wrong period to join classes. we people will be travelling..

someitmes, missing 1 lesson is quite a heart pain.

The place looks very pretty too.

BS said...

Thanks for sharing this news, my girl likes movement very much too & she can't keep still at art sessions. So looking around for dance classes for her age & affordable cost.

Actually my bro's girlfriend asked me to enrol my girl at Cheng's Ballet along Bt Timah where she teaches, but must admit that school is little out-of-the way for public transport. Maybe I'll bring Shan Ee for a trial in July, what time is Jaimie's class, can sms me?

Meekfreek said... fun!!! Jaimie looks so happy and she is so co-ordinated! Look at her skipping along :) Am sure she'll continue to enjoy her classes. The environment looks very nice too. Much better than the CC environment Isabella currently attends.

Carmen said...

This looks really great! Jaimie looks very happy. I should have continued my ballet lessons when I was young :X


Joyce Long said...

wah..that's great..hope Jaimie has a wonderful childhood full of fun in dancing..