Sunday, May 9

Little Dancer?

After having a Mother's Day lunch with my parents and my in laws, we went to Suntec City to look for an Ultraman toy for Jaimie. Jaimie, under the heavy influence of Clement, is very much into Transformers and Ultraman now. =_='''

Anyway, on our way to Toys R Us, we passed by the dance school and it seemed to be having an open house or road show kind of thing. In one of the studios was a pre-school dancing class and the teacher was teaching 3 children to dance with some basic ballet movements. Jaimie was literally begging me to let her join the class!

I enquired about trial classes and signed her up for the one next Sunday. I gave Jaimie the timetable and told her it was the "ticket" to her dance class. She pressed her face against the glass door and waved her "ticket", asking to go into the class. Clement and I had a hard time trying to explain to her the "ticket" was for next week. You should see the disappointing look on her face... she then held on to her "ticket" so dearly and carefully. She even refused to let me safe keep it for her.

Well, it seems like Jaimie likes dancing more than Taekwondo! She refused to join in the TKD class when we went for the trial class and we actually had to convince her to try again. Clement said, "I think we'll forget about taekwondo lah. Michelle Yeoh started off as a dancer too."

Hmmm. True.

Let's see how Jaimie enjoys her trial lesson before we commit her to dancing classes. The fees are quite reasonable -- $240 for 11 lessons, $25 for trial lesson.

Join us next week?

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stardust said...

Yes, it is the most important that the child is interested. So sorry that Jae seemed so sad and cried in the TKD trial class last Sun.

Maybe she is still much girly at heart. I will also prefer my Wendy to learn dancing or ballet than TKD in the future too!;p

happypig said...


Meekfreek said...

I'm quite sure Jaimie will be very good at dancing...she seems to be a natural!