Monday, May 10

Training For SAFRA Run 2010 (4)

I ran for 1hr 15mins on the threadmill at an average speed of 8.1km/h.

Let me recall my maths... distance= speed x time

This should be about 10km then.

Primary school maths isn't so straight forward anymore!!!

My friend posted this in her FB-- a Primary 4 Maths question:

MRT is 2/5 full. 1/2 got out and 17 came in and it was 1/4 full. How many people were there at first?

Try solving it without algebra!!!!

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Meekfreek said...


Anonymous said...

Primary 4 can use fraction, right?

1/2 of 2/5 = 1/5 = 4/20

1/4 = 5/20 = 4/20 + 1/20

so, 1/20 = 17,

As 2/5 = 8/20,
Original number will be 8x17, ie 136?

yp :)

Angie said...

I am going to fail PSLE...:(

levine said...

me also fail until chee cham! wahahhaah...

happypig said...


Aces Family said...

Hi Angie,

All the best to your Runs, you are such great inspiration...: )

I already outsourced the Math to her tuition teacher..i am totally lost...: P


Anonymous said...

Wah. I'm so not gonna make it if I teach Faith math!! My answer worked out to be 136 but that's only when I used percentage. I don't understand the fraction method!

Jocelyn said...

Look like I also hv to look for tution teacher for my gal in 5 yrs time... :-(

wolfgirl said...

It depends which line you are taking. EW, NS train got driver.
NEL and circle no driver.

In the first place, when do you see MRT 2/5 full???

Poor context and not realistic at all! Lousy question!