Wednesday, May 19

Rosemary Chicken Dinner

I made baked rosemary chicken for dinner. I got this recipe from my best friend, HappyPig, which was a little different from how I used to bake. It's interesting. You add garlic cloves and onion to add to the fragrance, and at the same time cut some potatoes and bake them together. Seasoning is simple. Just salt, black pepper and dried rosemary, with a little olive oil. Bake at 200 for 25mins and 180 for 40mins. And you are done!

Clement loves the baked potatoes.

I would love to make rosemary chicken bento but that means I will have to wake up at 5am to do the baking?????
Anybody has any solution for me?

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Meekfreek said...

That is how I make my rosemary chicken. You can bake it the night before and keep it in the fridge. At cold storage they have special bags for "crisping" meat in the microwave. Just pop it in the next morning and micro for 2 mins! Just the same as freshly baked!

Joyce Long said...

So heartwarming to see the whole family enjoy your homecooked food..

Grace said...

the garlic cloves and onion(shallots?) put in chicken's stomach or just put together with potatoes?

Angie said...

Grace, just put with the potatoes. i use chicken parts, so no "stomach" to stuff. hahahaha!!