Sunday, March 7

More Water Fun

Clement bought a float recently and we asked YS to bring Seraphine to have some water fun with Jaimie while the boys play tennis. We dug out all the toys we had and brought them to the pool.

Jaimie was the first to embark on the turtle float. She had been trying out at home for the past week. She even said she wanted to sleep on it!! Ohh... come to think of it, this is the second time she was playing with it. She played with the float yesterday after her swimming lesson, before we went to Downtown East.Enjoying the tranquility of the water.
The float is big enough for 2 girls.

Everybody took turn to enjoy a ride. It was really quite comfortable to lie on it and be drifted around...

YS and Clement played tennis for about 30mins and Clement gave up. He has no stamina for the game. So they joined us in the pool.

He will look cooler in shades, not goggles; a real pistol and not a water gun... good try.
Jaimie was a water babe this weekend. Yesterday morning she had her swimming lesson, then we went to Downtown East. Today was another afternoon spent in the pool. We are not 4 shades tanner now. We are 6 shades, at least. I hope you'll recognise us when you see us... =_=

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stardust said...

Jae's hair is really pretty now with her baby doll fringe! No need to tie also looks just as good!

LZmommy said...

I like the float, so cute!

Haha... Like what you wrote on the last paragraph on Clement :)