Tuesday, March 9

Bento #111

I bought a packwich maker from BHG toys (!!) department. It allows me to make really cute sandwiches! However, you need to buy the right bread. Your normal Gardenia and Sunshine bread won't work because you will be wasting half the bread. I found the right size in a neighbourhood confectionery. Each slice of bread is also thick enough for me to half it so that I can make the packwich. For the ones you see above, one of them has tuna mayo (left over from yesterday's baguette) and the other was kaya filling. I still wasted 1/4 of the bread although I got the most suitable sized ones. But they are really quite cute, aren't they? I need to press the roller really hard in order to get a clean cut. Otherwise the bread will have some untidy edges as I need to tear them away from the mould.
The biscuit cookie with a girl's face was also from the same confectionery I bought the bread.
Check out your neighbourhood shops! You may just get the unexpected things you need for your bento!

3 voices:

levine said...

very cute!! i also thinking of getting a bread mould from bentocraft.com ;)

Jocelyn said...

I was hesitating whether to buy this toy or not last Dec, until I saw this Kitty & Mickey sandwich cutter (http://i190.photobucket.com/albums/z218/elvina0611/th_IMG_3336.jpg)... But this toy definitely looks very fun and very hard to resist not to buy it... :P

Rachel said...

I bought it too!! but finds it so tedious to use and wash.