Friday, August 7

She Has The Playground To Herself

I haven't been clearing the pictures in my little camera (which is getting a little old and outdated, dear hubby) (*BIG HINT*) and I found these pictures I took on the 28th July 09. Clement and I both took childcare leave to spend a day with Jaimie.

We went to IMM but the playground was closed for a private function. Jaimie was so disappointed that she cried and cried as we carried her away from the apologetic security guard. We promised her that she would have the same fun in another playground --the rooftop playground @ Lot One. True enough, Jaimie was so happy to have the entire playground to herself! Hmmm... actually, I didn't think she minded if the playground was crowded or empty. But Clement and I were happy that we could sit down and relax while watching the little girl having fun.

Jaimie was playing hide and seek, dashing through the "water curtains" (花果山水帘洞??) and doing aquatic yoga... she had so much water fun that she had a runny nose the next day. Hahaha~~

3 voices:

Joyce Long said...

Wow..Jae's body is very flexible.can do yoga pose..

wolfgirl said...

Hydro yoga.. the latest fitness craze?

She is really having fun...

Angeline said...

I never knew there is one at LotOne!