Wednesday, August 5

"EDD" and Pre-ordering of book~

Thank you very much for all the support!!! FINALLY, it is coming SOON!

My publisher said the "EDD" (heh heh heh) of the book will be next Wednesday. He will inform me if there is any "prematured delivery". hahaha~

The RRP of the book is $15. They are available in Popular and Kinokuniya. If you want to get from me, it will be $12. If you want it by post, I will need to add $2 (ie. $14).

Email me at

Address (if by post):
contact no. :

You may like to use fund transfer or cheque but there is no need to pay me now. (Wah, feels like those Bulk Purchase in the Forum days).

Once again, thank you, thank you and thank you!! :)

I am just so excited about next Wednesday!!!

Now I need to think real hard how to give the books to Mayday personally!! :)))

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absolutfaith said...

Check with you, will you earn more if we buy from you instead of from the store? Cos if the stores are eating into your profit, then I'd prefer to order from you. But if it helps jack up sales figures at the stores (eg. #1 best seller), then maybe we'll create more buzz by inquiring at the store -- and they may give you more prominence?

Tell us which you prefer and we'll support you accordingly.

Angie said...

seriously, either one is alright. :)

Thanks a lot!!!

Angeline said...

This is fantastic!!!!
Absolutely great news!
If I were you, I don't think I'll be able to sleep till I have the book under my pillow on Wednesday.....

Congrats dear!
There's a question I don't think I've asked, is the book in Chinese or English?

Angie said...


it is in chinese lah. :D

Thanks! i have deleted your contact details from my comment box to protect your privacy. but i have noted down your order. thanks! :)

Meekfreek said...

I'll take 10 books please. Can I have one copy personally notated by you (for me and Jeff)...and one to my Shanghainese friend Herbert (Zhang Lei)because he appreciates the way you write.

Are you doing any publicity? Any book signing at Kinokuniya? Must let us know so we can help keep the long snaking queue in order.

Viana said...

Hi Angie,

I'll get it from the Popular.


chinmama said...

Hey Angie,

Will get a copy from IMM Popular next week. So happy to know the date is near. Wah say....must tell my friends to buy & read.

Angie said...

thanks chinmama! it shd be end next week or early the week after next... :) thanks for recommending it to your friends!

Idy said...

I want to buy from you direct, but by the time I collect from you on 29 Aug, it is going to be too long a wait.... so I'm buying from Popular direct. But, I will bring it on 29 Aug so that I can get your autograph. Can, right?

Congrats, my friend!

Angie said...

idy, how come 29th?

Jovan said...

hi lao shi. i would like to get one too. is it possible to get it from u in school?

秉鸿娘亲 Mom of Everett said...


stardust said...

Congrats! to your hard efforts being paid off. I cannot read Chinese very well but I will look out for it from Popular bookstore.