Sunday, August 9

Enjoying NDP 2009 part 1 -- Trip to the Zoo

The National Day celebration for our family began on the 8th August (in fact, 7th Aug for Clement and YS as they went for karaoke from 11pm-3am). We went to the zoo with Nic's family and YS and Sera. Shelley was at home taking care of Shermaine so she wasn't at the zoo with us.

Beware of buayas, girls.

"Run if you see a buaya coming!"

"Hey! I am no buaya!"

How many times must I tell you I am NOT a Buaya!!!
The girls had some boy issues with Ayden and they decided to ostracise him. Hmmm...

The wet playground in the zoo was really fun! The children had a great time there.

Lunch after the playground session. The girls finally decided to let Ayden be part of their clique.


3 voices:

Blessed mum said...

ha! Finally they played with him!

I was thinking of going to the zoo too but was worried of the big crowd..seems to me that I was wrong though...the wetland didn't seems to be crowded!

Joyce Long said...

Jae looks very sweet with hair tied up. : )

Elizabeth & Kenise said...

I almost couldn't recognize Jaimie as she look so demure when her hair tied up.

No offence ya.