Monday, August 10

Enjoying NDP 2009 part 3 -- A Shopping and Lunch Date With Mommy

We actually planned to go to the swimming pool with all the slides and stuff for kids at Jurong West but we were really too tired (we overestimated our stamina) and it rainned this morning. So I took the chance to sleep till 9am while Clement took care of Jaimie from 7.15am till the time I woke up.

By the time I had enough rest, Clement was dog tired from entertaining the girl. After some thoughts, I decided to bring Jaimie to Bugis for a lunch date so that Clement can have a few hours of personal time.

That's Jaimie taking the priority seat on the train.

I grabbed my foundation and blusher from Shu Uemura. Jaimie insisted on trying the lipsticks and the blusher so took some from the testers and applied for her. She thought she looked gorgeous!?!?! Then I grabbed another pair of shoes before heading to Wong Kok Cha-chan-tang, the Hong Kong Cafe which we loved, for lunch. You will be spoilt for choice at this Hong Kong Cafe.
Jaimie ordered her favourite mushroom cheese rice (highly recommended!!). She almost ate the entire portion, leaving only 2 spoonfuls unfinished.
When my chicken chop in cripsy rice (highly recommended!!) came, she helped herself to my fries.
After lunch, I walked into my favourite boutique and bought a top and a skirt. Jaimie was quite cooperative so I managed to try on another top from another boutique. Lucky for me, I am a fast and decisive shopper. I see, I try, I like, I buy. Notice the "thinking" part is missing when I am shopping.

On our way back, Jaimie fell asleep on the MRT. I used the blouse which I just bought to keep her warm. I messaged Clement to meet me at the MRT station so that he could help me to carry Jaimie as I could not manage a sleeping toddler and 2 bags.
However, the girl woke up the moment I put her on the bed. Alamak.

Anyway, it was such good bonding moments to bring Jaimie out for a date on my own. When I told her we needed to go home, she even asked me "How come so fast?"

Maybe we should do it more often!

7 voices:

Joyce Long said... is indeed nice to bring daugther out, so much to share with them.

Anonymous said...

YES! Mummy-daughter outings are such fun! But cannot go out entire day cos when the little one gets tired, cranky, wants to sleep... then it's mot so fun anymore hehe.

wolfgirl said...

Soon.. mummy and girl and try on make up, clothes together... wow...

Guess u r also a SNOB when it comes to shopping..

SNOB... See nice only, Buy!

Aces Family said...

Like mommy, like daughter...equally pretty & sweet..nice bonding time u gals had..: )


Blessed mum said...

YES!! Its so fun to go out with daughter!!

wow, your National Day looks pretty packed with programme!!

Shana said...

Wow, Jaimie so "guai", never pester you to bring her to sit on children rides or look at her toys huh.. Can bring her out often :D

Angeline said...

Aaawww... I can never experience that I guess...
but I really liked that last photo.