Sunday, August 9

Enjoying NDP 2009 part 2 -- The Pledge Moment 8.22pm

These future leaders of Singapore...

were brought to the gathering by their patriotic mommies...

and even more patroiotic daddies...

to Joyce's house to do the pledge moment at 8.22pm together.
This is the food ration for the party.

There are 10 important things which we learnt tonight.
(1) Do you know which are the 2 animals on the Singapore crest?
Ans: The lion and the tiger.
(2) What does the tiger and the lion each symbolise?
Ans: Malaya and Singapura.
(3) Which animal is on the left and which is on the right?
Ans: Left-- Lion, Right-- Tiger
(4) Why is this so?

(5) Which animal is mentioned in our National anthem?
Ans: cheeta. (Cita-cita kita yang mulia)
(6) What is the national flower of Singapore?
Ans: Vanda "Is Joking".

(7) What must you do when you sing the National Anthem?
Ans: Stand in attention and do not look around, even if the guy standing behind you is very good looking.
(8) What do most children want to be when they grow up?
Ans: Whatever it is, don't ask them this question in front of a cake with lighted candles. All they want to do is to blow the candles and cut the cake. They cannot think beyond that.

(9) How to be mistaken by your very own children and friends for more than 3 times in a party for another friend?
Ans: Wear red on National Day.

(10) What is the most fun thing to do when watching the NDP on TV?
Ans: Message a friend who is not at the party but at the NDP to tell them you see them on TV! To make it more convincing, tell them you saw them wearing RED tops!

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Anonymous said...

Haha Angie, I wonder who put you up to it... I was puzzled cos I did not see a single cameraman near us!

Meekfreek said...

Errr Diana, Angie does not need anyone to put her up to such things....she thinks of them herself!

Angie said...

Diana, thank you having so much faith in me... but i know who you are suspecting. hahahahaha!!!

wolfgirl said...

This party is so fun!

Thanks for all teh wonderful pictures.

Joyce Long said...

Thanks for bring the tattoos, so many food and coming : )

viv said...

we had a lot of FUN too... sorry we were so late!!