Saturday, August 15

Arrival of My "Baby"

After much anxiety, procrastination, hope and wait, my baby books have finally arrived at my house on 15th August 2009 @1145hr via home delivery. :D

My publisher told me that it typically takes 1 month for the books to hit the bookshelves of the bookstores. So if you cannot wait for the "full month celebration" before you see my baby, you may like to order from me directly. See here for details.

For my friends who have placed your order with me, thank you, Thank You, THANK YOU! Check out your mailbox next week! And I need to meet up with some of you pretty soon too!

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Beautiful Love said...

Woo hoo, CONGRATS on your bundle of JOY!

Cant wait to have a copy of it!!!

The coverpage looks interesting, bet so goes for the contents!

Will ask my friends to lookout for it once it hit the market!

Joyce Long said...

Gong Xi Gong Xi : )

Btw you must autograph the copy that I am buying from you hor..

Meekfreek said...

I think I better pick up my copies from you. 10 is too many to post...I'm really looking forward to having the book in my hand regardless of the fact that I am illiterate.

Must also congratulate you on your professional success of having one of your academic papers chosen for an international conference.

I must say, it's really gratifying to see my friends achieve as you have, both personally and professionally.

I wish you many more successes in future!!!

wolfgirl said...

Congrats too....

Finally delivered... any special number? like total number of copies, or total weight etc???

Anonymous said...


I want to get 5 from you first to give to my siblings. I'll get the rest from the bookstore (for my other friends) so we can generate higher sales figures.

Eh, did you craft a press release and send copies to the press? If not, I'll send 2 copies to my friends from Lianhe Zaobao.

Angie said...

Vivien, joyce, MF: Thanks! :D

WG: The total number of copies sent to me is 600. the time sent to me is 1145hr. the weight is unknown. the ISBN is 978-981-08-3643-6. the total number of pages is 128. enough numbers or not??

Angie said...

hi diana! Thanks!! :) i am in touch with a journalist from My Paper. I will be sending her a copy. Lianhe Zaobao would be great but i am not sure if she'll refer me to her colleagues as well. I will pass you 2 extra copies so that you can give to your friends in zaobao, ok? for their reading pleasure but it will be good if they wanna feature.. heehee!!

Angeline said...

So excited for you!!!
Way to go....

Finally! The wait is OVER!

wolfgirl said...

Wah the page number is so auspicious! 128...! (in mandarin!)

Elizabeth & Kenise said...

I want 1 copy so how do I paid for it?

Angie said...


do you want to meet me at my area or do you want me to post to you? after i have sent out then you do a fund transfer to me lah. no hurry. i will email you the details later. drop me an email.

and thanks for your support!!! :D

MommyAngel said...

Wow .... congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Elizabeth & Kenise said...

Hmmm,meetup will be great so maybe I can bring K along to mess ur place.Juz kidding.

Btw which way u prefer.

U e-mail me at for ur transfer detail k btw do u have UOB acct?

crazymommy said...

OMG!!! You go girl!! I was away and didnt got chance to check out the blogs until today.

Tell me!! Where can I get one copy?!! Will need international shipping. Let me know leh!!

Lydia said...

Angie.. I seldom buy books, it's just not me. But since I enjoy reading your O&A blog, guess i'll like reading your book too. And of course.. must support support my friend lah ;)

One request: It would be great to have your gal to "sign" too, together with your autograph.. Maybe Papa too, since he kept all your writings thus making this book possible(If i understood correctly).

Sorry ar, this "pig" got lots of request - "猪"多要求.. kkkkkk, will email u my addy now! :)