Tuesday, March 17

The Taitai Dream

It started off like this.

So, today, the 4 taitais met at the Hanabi Restuarant at Odeon Towers. When we met, of course, as taitais, we started by admiring one another's outfit and accessories and sang praises of one another for an ego boost. All of us came in our most taitai possible outfit and put on full makeup.

We actually wanted to use the self-timer function on the camera to take the pictures but because we all looked so taitai, a very kind angmo didn't think we know how to do it and offered to take the group pics for us. He must have thought that we were desperate housewives.

As usual, we had a fabulous time eating, chatting and laughing. We ate until so full that we could hardly walk. Joyce had to go off to meet Chai San (the birthday boy) for Swensens ice cream while Viv had to go back to her office check on her maids.

Did I just say we were so full that we could hardly walk? Well, after some shopping with Wolfgirl in Bugis Junction, we decided to extend our taitai day by having afternoon tea and dessert at MOF.

To be a taitai, you need to spend like a taitai. Hence, I bought 4 pairs of shoes today.
Just look at the details on the shoes! Each pair is about $95!!!! but they are really comfortable and pretty!!!!!! Ohh! What am I talking about? Taitais do not need to justify their spending!

I bought some clothes too. Going back home in hands full of shopping bags is an important characterisic of a taitai.

We had such a fun day today.
However, the "taitai feeling" ended the moment Jaimie stepped out of her childcare centre. I was transformed back to the desperate housewife immediately.
Cinderella's fairytale ended at midnight. Mine ended at 4.30pm, when Jaimie comes home.

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wolfgirl said...

It was really a wonderful day to meet up withthese wonderful ladies.

And it is so nice to play dress-up.. Next meet-up can we dress in power suit? espionage? Monroe? Sarong party Girl? Little Nonya? Super Geek?

Learnt a lot from these great mummies, about educating our children, behavioral reinforcement, discipline development, cooking, food....

Can't wait for the next meet up.

Joyce Long said...

Angie, really so fun to come out with this theme today..truly enjoy..We chat so much...I like you mentioned abt the desperate houswives..so funny..yes!!!..lets plan for the next one like wg say..power suit etc...

Gosh your shoes are so tempting..after trying your shoes..hmm..can't wait to go down to see see look look leh..

Shana said...

Wow, looks like u gals really had fun today! I laugh so loud at your poses! Next time jio me lah, I also have a LongChamp bag hor. Though cost much lesser than your LV but still got brand right? hehehe..

U gals should have gone to the Rose Veranda @ Shangri-La, cos all the tai-tai gathers there!

viv said...

as you can see from the pics of this post, the food does not take the centre stage for this gathering but US!!

thank you ladies for a wonderful lunch & sesion.. looking forward to the next session liao!!

wolfie... you looked so good in your boots & outfit!!

angie... you looked so slim & chioh!!

joyce.. you looked so sweet with the flower!!

mamabliss said...

hahaha that looks like such a fun and fulfilling tai-tai day... :) it's cute to have such theme to go out on... cool!~

Anonymous said...

hihi.. where did you get those gorgeous shoes ?? Bugis junction ? what shop?? thanks to share :)


Vivien said...

You 4 really funny lah!

Yes yes, have successfully pose off as tais tais and indeed, the buyings are superb!

I love the shoes too...very nice design!

秉鸿娘亲 Mom of Everett said...


Anonymous said...

According to Wolfgirl you have about 10 pairs of those Japanese shoes. Assuming each pair averages to be $80 (used to be cheaper right?), they are worth $800. I wonder if I'd rather have a $800-bag or $800 worth of ballet flats. Hmmm.

Angie said...

that is exaggeration. i only have 7 pairs.

Shana said...

Angie, I know u have a greater motive when u bought the 4 pairs of shoes. U r doing your part to boost up the retail industry right?

Good job! S'pore needed more people like u to spend $$$ now :D

Angeline said...

you girls are so fun!!!
love the msn conversation!

anyhow, I wanna say, did you dress like that when Clement first saw you? Cos you are stunning! if so, I'm not surprised that he got electric-shocked!!! *laugh*

the shoes are masterpieces!

Jocelyn said...

Wow, u ladies looks great... but I find the shoes rather ex...

4malmal said...

Hi I chanced upon you site and I really love those shoes!!!what a great way to spend the day :D

Meekfreek said...

Very nice...very tai tai.

You can definitely tell Angie is a tai tai...real tai tais only read the social pages and not the real news (because they think the social pages is the real news)...hence why tai tais are oblivious to the financial crisis and can keep shopping until no tomorrow!

ten3001 said...

oh this is such a funny funny post!!!