Monday, March 16


Wolfgirl blogged about the outing at Fidgets. Since we have already been there a dozen times, I shall just ride on her post. :) Clement took these photos while enduring the very bad backache. Btw, we seemed to find a relief for his pain. He felt better every time we dipped into the hot pool at our place. Maybe heat therapy will do the trick!

Opps. Sorry, I digressed.

Sherrilyn and Caleb, Vivian and Ezra, Joyce and Cherrlyn were supposed to join us but they all could not make it last minute. How unfortunate. Next time, then!

Jaimie must be really hungry after the workout at Fidgets. She finished a plate of chicken rice on her own!

2 voices:

wolfgirl said...

look at angie's tone legs.. wow...

Meekfreek said...

Eh! Where are the tai tai pics????!!!!