Sunday, March 15

A Quiet Sunday with Jaimie

It has been some time since we blogged about Jaimie. OOpps. Sorry darling, I think I have neglected you!

To make up for it, I spent the whole day with Jaimie today. In the morning after watching some children's educational program on channel 8, I brought out some crayons and drawing papers to do some colouring with her.

We had a few rounds of Memory Game whereby she was to flip the cards to look for the cards with the identical objects. I started with 2 sets and slowly progressed to 5 sets of cards. She needed a little help from me but generally she was able to remember most of the cards. The picture below was her doing her victory dance when she completed her set of 5 cards. =_=
Clement was ok to walk to the market for lunch and so we went. Jaimie and I shared a bowl of fishball mee-pok. She is loving mee-pok now.
I promised her to bring her for a swim after her nap. Unfortunately, it was raining cats and dogs when she woke up. She watched Clement played Mario Kart on Wii for a while and I read her some storybooks.
She went to bed at 8.30pm, which was unusally early, I started to chat with her and asked her about school. I think she was spinning stories about what happened in school based on the questions I prompted her.
She was asleep by 9.30pm. That was very, very early. Why? Because I told her she would need to sleep IMMEDIATELY if she wanted to go to Fidgets tomorrow morning.
It has been some time since I spent such quality time with Jaimie... and I am loving it.

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absolutfaith said...

Yes, I was missing updates on your darling Jae! Hope this week will more than make up for it!

Joyce Long said...

Great to read some upcoming post of Jae..we love to see her smiling faces..

Meekfreek said...

She's so's been a while since we saw her in person. Must organise something soon!