Thursday, March 19

Fishy Fish

After a relaxing and rejuvenating facial at Jurong Point today, I met Clement for lunch and then we shopped around to see if there was anything to buy for Jaimie's upcoming birthday.

Toys R Us had moved out so we went to Kiddy Palace to look around. We didn't find anything very appropriate for birthday yet but I decided to buy the fishing game for myself Jaimie.

In the evening when we returned from my MIL's place, I opened the box excitedly and put in 2 AA batteries. I gave Jaimie and Clement a fishing rod each and with the digital Latin music, we started to play the fishing game.

It wasn't that easy, really. Step 1, you have to wait for the fish to open its mouth. Step 2, you need to drop the hook accurately into the fish's mouth at the right timing. Step 3, you need to pull out the fish gently from the spinning disc. Jaimie could hardly catch a fish even with us helping her with step 1 and 2. In the end, she gave up and started stealing our fish and claimed that they were her catch.

I pictured the 3 of us playing the fishing game together when I bought this toy. Well, in the end the 3 of us did play together but the scenario was a little different from what I imagined it to be. Clement and I were having a competition to see who caught more fishes. I lost all the games. Jaimie was pretending to be a chef and prepared the poisson with all her fine cutlery skills and exotic seasoning.

Well, it is still a family game...

2 voices:

wolfgirl said...

This game is so retro!!!!!!

Looks ultra fun. Next meet up at your place..we play this, okay?

Joyce Long said...

Same for cherrlyn..she used a her to pick up all fish..thinking she won..