Thursday, March 5

Sick man of the east -- Part Two

Clement was feeling good and happy in the morning. However, he experienced discomfort again from 4pm onwards. He complained that his head was throbbing, felt a sudden lost of energy and his mood dipped suddenly. Welcome to the PMS experience we girls have to go through every month.

My worried MIL asked the nurse to call for the doctor to check on him. The doctor said that the discomfort will probably come on and off because of the operation. We suspected he watched too much TV and that caused the pain behind his eye sockets. Anyway, the doctor didn't mention about the TV so that was just our wild guesses. The results of the operation and the drainage will be more conclusive tomorrow when he goes for his CT scan at 6am. After popping 2 painkillers, Clement felt better and rested. I left early today as I already had a long and tiring day in school. Every Thursday is a nightmare at work for me.

Many friends came to visit Clement today and some sent their well wishes through fruit baskets and flowers. Once again, thank you very much. Thank you for your concern and your sms-es.

Ahh.. just for the record... we didn't get our COE again for this second bidding. :( And I made the same wrong turn at the same junction although I tried to follow the GPS. Hopeless me.

I was really glad that I plucked up my courage to learn driving 10 years ago. In times like this, being able to drive really makes a lot of difference.

I am managing well because I have a lot of support from family, friends and colleagues. My boss even gave me time off to report to school a little late when I requested to do so yesterday and allowed me to leave early. She told me I just need to tell her if I need time off. I do appreciate such kindness, especially when she and I had some misunderstandings not so long ago.

In situations like this, we can literally feel the warmth of the friendship and kinship. The blood clot thing is not a pleasant thing that is happening to Clement. However, we do believe that all things happen for a good cause. With that faith, we are keeping ourselves in good spirits and are optimistic about Clement's condition.

I will be posting Clement's progress to keep you guys updated and also to document it.

Thank you, our dear friends.

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Shana said...

Clement looks quite pale in the photo, must be really painful & uncomfortable for him :(

While taking care of him, u must also rest well ya.

秉鸿娘亲 Mom of Everett said...

真突然!Clementi, 愿你早日康复!


crazymommy said...

Glad to hear that Clement is feeling much better now. Hope he will be able to discharge from hospital soon. U take care too, Angie. :)

wolfgirl said...

Any type of operation is a trauma to the body. So it should be normal to feel good and bad, on and off. He will get better.


Angie jia you!

levine said...

angie jia you!! on yr driving too!

Anonymous said...

Get well soon, clement!

Angie, I hope I have the courage to learn driving. Really make a difference when comes to emergency.U take care too.

Lydia said...

ok... I'm dying(God forbids!) for the result of the scan... The silent is killing me!

Last nite I thot(& prayed) of the CTscan at every toss and turn and Thaddea's cry for paci... so kamcheong hor? Anyway, I'm sure the result would be good :)

It's quite frustrating right with the pain keep coming back... guess it needs time to heal from that part of the brain where the clot was removed, up to the skull and then the scalp... SO, give it some times :)

Our body is amazing when comes to recovery as long as you eat well and rest well, in no time you would be up and about and be blogging again! :)

Btw, did Clement get to surf the internet on top of watching TV??

Angie oii, never mind the wrong turns, there's always a U-turn and the GPS is quite a patient lady who never fail to give another new direction :)

Drive slowly and safely, take deep breath before you start off and don't panic. I once step on the accelerator(!) instead of the brake when I was parking :P

Great to know that you have good supports from so many people. Take care, Angie!

Angie said...

just a quick update... the scan results are good. the bigger clot was removed and the smaller one hasnt changed in size. so far so good! :)

Lydia said...

Thanks for that quick update, Angie! :)

Fill us in more tonight when you have time ok? What's next and why the smaller clot which wasn't been removed in the first place?

Take care, my friend... you are in my thought :)

Joyce Long said...

Angie..very happy for you and yr families to read the scan results are good..Phew!! You are a brave wife as well as take good care and rest well..they are need you...

Clement..have a speedy recovery..

Viana said...

So glad that clement is getting better now.

Wishing you a speedy recovery! Jia you to both you and Angie!!

Angeline said...

*Deep Breath* that picture is so hard on the eyes and it aches the soul... Angie hang in there!