Wednesday, March 4

Sick man of the east -- Part One

I have conveyed all your well-wishes to Clement. We are very, very appreciative of your friendship, well-wishes, moral support and prayers. It means a lot to us. MERCI.

Here's some pics to record this drama...

These 2 pics were taken last night when he was warded and waiting for his surgery. The man was in great pain and discomfort. He couldn't even slip on his slippers as he lost the psychomotor control of his right foot. The nurse and I needed to support him to the bathroom because he couldn't even walk properly.

He was much better today after the surgery. A suction pump was attached to his head to drain off the clot. He had to lie quite flat the whole day. In the end, his headache was ok but he suffered from backache due to lying in this position for many hours. Because he had to be confined to his bed and in a lying position, I need to feed him. He was definitely happy to have "lunch in bed" with a personal nurse attending to him. Sigh... poor me. I need to feed a baby at home and a big baby in the hospital.
That was the suction that was plugged into his head to drain off the clot. Spot his new punk hair style.

In the afternoon he was feeling ok. The headache was gone and the only discomfort was the tube attached to him. And of course the pressure of the suction. Look, he could still "siong" me for taking unglam photos of him.

At ard 8.45pm, there was a little scare. The fluid flowed backwards into his head and Clement experienced a lot of pain and discomfort. We quickly called for the nurse as he was told to call the nurses whenever he experienced headache and discomfort. The nurses couldn't help so they called for the doctor to assess the situation. I was quite worried when I saw the happy man in the afternoon transformed back to the sick man last night. The doctor said that the op was "minor" but not that "minor" because afterall it was a brain surgery. Anyway, the doctor pulled off the suction and stitched his wound while answering endless phonecalls at the same time. About 10mins later, the pain inside went away and he had to deal with the pain from the stitch. Thankfully, he was alright after another 10mins or so.

I left the hospital at 10pm and drove home with the help of the GPS. For the record, last night I drove home using the GPS too and I still made some wrong turns.=_=

He will need another scan on Friday to check on his progress. Meanwhile, his condition is stable and I thank you again, our dear friends, for keeping us in your thoughts. Thank you.

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Joyce Long said...

Oh sorry I din know much earlier..felt so heart pain after reading. Wish Clement 快快好起来..and good thing he is treated fast..

We give you lots of moral support and blessing..Remember to have more rest take care of your 2 babies...** hugs from us **

wolfgirl said...

With a little scar on his head, Clement will look more macho.

ok, jokes aside. Rest well. Obey the NURSE. If you need any help, just let me know.

viv said...

aiyo his 1st 2 pic looks so glad to hear he is better yet at the same time have so called 'relapse' pls be careful & get as much rest & get well soon... i still like the chatty clement....

Jocelyn11 said...

Can't imagine you still have the mood to take photo of Clement on the day of admission. But also good cos at least you're calm and thus can handled the situation better.

Do rest more...

Lydia said...

Still can't believe the op was on the brain... so delicate! Praying for good result from friday's scan :)

He has very high pain treshold huh? Looking at the 1st 2 pics I just couldn't imagine him bearing the pain for almost 4 days??

SO good to see the smile and the thumbs up pic, how not to when there's a pretty "nurse" feeding him lunch right? haha!

Angie, please be careful when you are on the road. Rest well too... your babies need you :)

Viana said...

Dear clement, get well soon. Hope you can discharge as soon as possible. Mine was considered a "major' surgery although it was a brain tumor but the op was done thru my nose.. so afterall yours is not so "minor" as the op is at your head. Pls take care and rest well.

Jacky said...

Hey Angie, take care of yourself too k. Must ensure you have enough rest so you can take care of your two babies. :)

Tell Clement to relax and don't 'bang' his head so much in future lah. I'm sure after this incident things are going to be much better for you and family.

Have a speedy recovery Clement!

Take care and God bless your family.

Meekfreek said... are having your "Matrix" moment!

I do hope the worst is over and you will recover quickly.

Anonymous said...

Eeks! The backflow sounds so scary! And the nurse not knowing what to do even scarier!

May Clement be blessed with speedy recovery. Angie, you go girl!

Idy said...

Wishing Clement a speedy recovery... Angie, do rest well too cos you need all your energy to take care of the family now.

Angeline said...

This should be so hard for you....
take care girl

and Hey Big Man, get well soon!

Elizabeth & Kenise said...


Xin Ku Ni Le have to run here and there and take care of 2 BABIES.

Oh my the tube sticking out from ur head look scary and do rest well and wis u get well soon.