Friday, March 6

Sick man of the east -- Part Three

As you can see from the pictures, Clement is feeling much, much better today. He found a perfect picture in his favourite magazine, First, to describe himself. His stay in the hospital is nigh. He should be able to discharge this weekend.

Sorry about the wrong information in my comments in the previous post. Apparently the small blood clot was gone too! YIPEE! The scan results showed that there isn't any more fluids in the skull and Clement was on the road to recovery. Oh...what a relief!!!

Jaimie came with my parents to visit Clement in the evening. The little girl made daddy very happy. She took my camera and snapped some pictures. Here's her gong-gong.
Her por-por. And us...
Many of Clement's colleagues and friends came to visit him. And Stardust too. Thanks again!

We are really blessed to have such caring friends! Your friendship is invaluable to us!

Clement is looking forward to (1) coming home (2) washing his hair (3) getting a good shave on his chin. He is having second thoughts on item number 3 because he will need to cut his hair botak so that there will not be a missing patch. To make up for the loss of hair on the head, he wants to keep his hair on his chin.

Hmmmm.... ??..... I can't imagine how he's going to look!

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Anonymous said...

That's great news! Wah, so Clement's gonna sport a new look huh?

Joyce Long said...


wolfgirl said...

wow....instead of shaving bald.. maybe he can do shave patterns, e.g. MAYDAY or ANGELCOW.

He certainly looks better!
The thoughts of going home to be with his lovely wife and daughter must be very very inviting!

Aces Family said...

hi Angie,

A piece of very good news indeed. Looking forward to home-going ..: )


Angeline said...

Yeah! Good news finally!
Can't wait to see his new look too!

Lydia said...

A great relief, really :)

What abt. keeping his "chin hair" and have a stylish beard like
Beckham's... else, style#1 should looks cool...