Saturday, March 7

(Recovering ) Sick man of the east -- Part Four

As you can see, the sick man of the east was all changed and ready to go home.

YES! The doctor gave him the green light to be discharged this afternoon. He would need to get his stitches removed at a later date and also to go back to the hospital for a review. Otherwise, he will be resting at home for the next week or so.

The first thing we did when we went home was to get a hair wash for him. Imagine you can't wash your hair for 5 days!! Yeeks!! How uncomfortable! I had to wash it for him because the nurse instructed him specifically NOT to wet his wound. I used a cling wrap to cover his dressing and asked Clement to use another towel to press onto it. Then, very carefully and slowly, I washed the back of his head, wiped it dry, asked him to turn his head around and washed the right hand side of his head.

We are all so glad that he is able to come home. Nothing beats sleeping on your own bed with the familar smell of your pillow and blanket.

I hope that with this post, I can put an end to the "sick man" series. :)

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Idy said...


Shana said...

Glad to see that Clement is finally back home :)

Angie, I think u still have one more post to write regarding this, and that is --- Clement's new macho hair style :)

Anonymous said...

Why wash hair? He's gonna shave it all off right?! Glad to hear he's home. Bobby also sends his regards to Clement.

Meekfreek said...

You look very well. I'm so glad to see you have recovered.

You can buy a waterproof clear plaster especially for waterproofing wounds so one can shower normally (with care). It's made by 3M and you can buy it from the hospital pharmacy. I used it after my finger operation and c-section. You can ask your surgeon if Clement is allowed to use it?

ten3001 said...

oh my choice is definitely style number 4! haha...

when my mom had her brain op, the nurse at the hosp actually washed her hair for her before she discharged. yes i can imagine the smell cos mom's smelt real bad too! haha bad daughter!

after that at home she didnt wash it again till the surgeon removed her stitches abt 4 days later.

it must have been a traumatic experience for you and all at home! glad to see clement recovering well. im sure he looks real cool with his hair on his chin and none on his scalp :p

take care ya!


Rachel said...

glad he is able to go home. why not get those waterproof "surgery tape" to plaster over the scar?