Saturday, March 7

Calling for Votes-- Clement's new hair style

If you have a say in Clement's new image and hair style, which one will you vote for?

Style number 1.

Style number 2.

Style number 3.

Style number 4.

Style number 5.

Style number 6.

Style number 7.

15 voices:

The Lim Family said...

That's a Great news for Clement to able to discharge.

I vote for style #4 as I like David, but there is a saying that said 10 bald head 9 of them are rich man. So maybe Clement want to try to have style #5?

Btw Get Well Soon & have a good rest!!!

Meekfreek said...

Go for #7 since he's halfway there already! Then after a while go for #1 then grow beard and that will be #5 then after hair grows it will be #4, then a quick dye job will be #2 then don't need to do anything for a couple of months and you get #3 and finally when long enough can shave off beard and go for #6! Clement can have it all!

Shana said...

I second Meekfreek's suggestion. Have it all!! :D

But seriously, go for No.4 - Beckham. Then Angie u will have to follow Victoria's bob liao, wahaha!

Angie said...

people, when you vote, you must remember that by cutting that hair style doesnt change the face. when you vote for beckham, it doesnt mean clement will LOOK LIKE beckham. :p

levine said...

style no1 is also cool!

wolfgirl said...

7!7! 7! Clement will rock at Mayday concert!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Angeline said...

Oh my! I can't wait to see.

Joyce Long said...

Any style will suit Clement...

Welcome home!!!

Jacky said...

hey, good to hear that Clement is now home :D

I think #7 is quite close already rite? otherwise, i think clement can also try style 1!

totoro12 said...

Glad to hear that Clement has been discharged. Do get well soon.

I think style no.1 quite cool leh. :)

Anonymous said...

Congrats on being discharged!

Why not try a modern twist of the Manchu hairstyle - shave the front half off, grow the back long. LOL LOL LOL.

viv said...

Praise God.. clement is home!! hahaha #4 pls!!

Aces Family said...

hi Angie,

Considering that the face will not change with the style...i vote for No.1 cos this suit all mankind..haha...: P


Vivien said...

Hei sorry I read ur post late. Hope Clement is fine by now.

With a caring wife and happy daughter, its the best route to recovery! Plus the nutritious bentos...all the necessary nutrients are there!

Take care!

LZmommy said...

Sorry to hear what Clement has to go thru... Glad to know that he is back home.

Have been so busy with my baby that I don't have time to blog hop. Clement, you take care ya and Angie, you too :)