Monday, March 9

Bento #71

I am a typical auntie.

One loaf of Sunshine/ Gardenia/ Bonjour wholemeal bread cost abt $2.65 and the inhouse bakery in Giant sells a loaf of wholemeal bread double the quantity at half the price. Which one will I buy? Of course the no-frills one from Giant!

Because the loaf of bread is double the amount of a normal loaf, I made bread bento today and forced 2 of my other colleagues to consume it.

Here's Clement's bento. Thank you once again for all your concern and well wishes. He will be removing his stitches tomorrow. Clement is ok except he is still feeling tired. Carbohydates might do the trick! So I packed him this nutritious bento which he ate for lunch. Personally I really like the content of this bento. It contains most of my favourite food except grapes. I seldom take grapes because it makes my throat itchy and I tend to cough after eating them. However, the colour combination is quite appealing too, in my opinion. Heehee~~

These 2 simple bentos were for my friends YH and Violet. I made them help me with the giantantic loaf of bread I bought from Giant.

My own bento was "factory outlet" quality again so I didn't bother to take any pictures of it.

2 voices:

Lydia said...

Hello auntie, your grapes so shiney :)

hey, you may like to make tuna sandwich as breakfast and salmon for lunch for your hubby.

Fish is good brain food. Just thought he may need it after the op.

Rachel said...

hee..honestly, i buy mine bread from Giant too. with the economy going from bad to worst, we really need to be calculative :P