Tuesday, March 10

The Return of the Jae-Dad

Hello my friends.

I'm glad to be able to say hello to you once again on this blog.

I have just returned from a trip to the Polyclinic to get my stitches removed. My heart sank a little the moment I stepped into the place. That place was packed! However, no more than a minute after I'd sent out an sms to Angie telling her about the long wait that I was bracing myself for, the buzzer sounded and surprisingly I found my Queue Number flashing on the display panel above Treatment Room Number 5. If there is one thing that this whole blood clot in the brain episode has taught me, it is this - things arn't always as they seem; Life is unpredictable.

The nurse made me lie on couch and asked me to close my eyes before pushing this very bright lamp over my face. With my eyes shut, I then heard her went about preparing her tools. The sound of flowing water, metal equipment clanking, the slipping on of latex gloves. Thankfully, the actual removal of the stitches wasn't half as bad as the anticipation bit. It did sting just a tiny bit, and was over in about a couple of minutes.

The nurse told me the wound had healed pretty well, but the closure portions wasn't 100%. She taped it up and instructed me to still keep the patched up area dry, before the review session which was to be this coming Saturday. I asked if I could go get a haircut in the time being, and was told that I could.

So, that's it. I would likely go for hair cropping tomorrow, after contemplating the suggestions you all gave in the earlier blog entry.

Not feeling particularly verbose now, so would just part here with a BIG Thank You to all my friends and family, who have over this unexpected turn of event, showered us with lots of support, both physcically and emotionally. Much appreciated. Thanks also for your gifts and well wishes. And of course, biggest hugs to my wife. You've been so very strong and brave throughout this trying period, and I'm so very proud of you.

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Meekfreek said...

You don't really need a haircut...it still looks ok as it is you know....but if you insist on a cut, definitely go for No.7!

Anyway, the Long family are happy that you are ok and on the road to a full recovery!

Lydia said...

Hi Clement, thanks for the update, really appreciate that though you are still recovering and needed more rest...

Hey, please still write a little so we may all know that you are fine... a picture of you a day would be great! hehe :P

Vivien said...

Great to know the wounds are healing well.

With your wife's nutritious bentos, you will recover fast.

Take care!

Angeline said...

hey man, don't look so sad. cos you survived!!!! that's the most important thing right now isn't?